{That one time in Washington D.C. }

I was feeling a little bored today and going back through my old photos on my computer. I came across photos from one trip I always kind of forget that we took, Washington D.C.  We took this trip some years back and I thought maybe I would bring those photos back out and share with you guys some things I remember from the trip! Washington D.C was not at the top of my list of places to visit but Cody really was nagging me about it so I gave it a chance. It turned out this was such a great trip, lots of fun things to explore and see, I totally loved it.  

Of course we went up to see the White House, this is obviously a must when you're going to be in D.C.  It was quite different in person than I had imagined it would look like. It was really really cool being there. 

I remember we also did a tour of the Capitol one of the days. It was a self guided tour, we each got our own headphones and walked around learning some cool facts about the building. Unfortunately when we had gone, they were undergoing construction of the ceiling which was so incredible, but we couldn't get any photos since they had scaffoldings and stuff up everywhere.

We wanted to go to the National Zoo because there were animals we have never gotten to see before. The zoos in Illinois in my opinion are pretty boring. Especially compared to this zoo, it was well worth the trip. Btw they have pandas! 


Go to Georgetown, a super cute neighborhood with adorable houses. While in Georgetown stop at Georgetown cupcakes! I mean that's all I have to say. If you are near Georgetown or could drive up there, do yourself a favor and get a freakin' cupcake. Yummmm! 

Lincoln Memorial and Reflecting Pool was beautiful probably my favorite places we saw. 

I had looked up on Pintrest for some ideas of places to visit while in D.C and I kept coming across United States Botanic Garden.  We went in the fall so everything was very fall themed. It was beautiful and we had so much fun here. 

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum this place was so amazing, although I have to say it did give us chills walking through the museum. It was an incredible history lesson, and just so crazy to imagine all of this had actually happened. 

So that's all I remember from the trip since as I mentioned this was a few years ago, you will be able to tell by the photos, my hair was then platinum blonde. Yikes!  Haha, but I hope you enjoy this post, and if you're planning a little weekend trip, give D.C a chance, it really was beautiful! 

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