{ Two days in San Francisco }

This post is a little recap of one of the trips we took in the spring to San Francisco. Cody and I are completely in love with the west coast and would move there in a heartbeat if we could! Everything is just so beautiful and there is so much scenery everywhere. That's why we decided to do somewhat of a road trip down the coast! We wanted to visit a few different spots in California we haven't had a chance to see yet including, San Diego, Monterey, and San Francisco, so we decided to rent a car and drive through all of those cities. We didn't actually do a full road trip because what we actually did was flew to Las Vegas from Chicago, rented a car in Vegas, then drove to San Diego or actually San Marcos is where our hotel was. The drive from San Marcos was about 30 minutes away from San Diego. We spent two days in San Marcos exploring San Diego and then headed to Monterey for one night. Unfortunately the weather didn't work out for us while in Monterey but we still got to see some incredible views.  Next stop was San Francisco. Boy oh boy was I terrified once we arrived. Although I knew there were bridges and steep hills, I don't think I was mentally prepared to take them on in real life. If you don't already know this, I am TERRIFIED of bridges, especially over water. This trip made me feel like I made a huge mistake wanting to come here. However, once we figured out how to set the navigation to avoid bridges and realized we don't have to cross any of them for the spots we wanted to see, my mind was at ease. Towards the end of the trip I came to the conclusion that San Francisco was actually such a great time and I wasn't ready to leave! 

Here is a little list of things Cody and I did and recommend if you plan on taking a trip to this beautiful city anytime soon!

  1. Get pizza from a little place called Giorgio's. It did seem to get pretty crowded and people were all willing to wait so we knew it was something good. We waited about a half hour for a seat but it was well worth it. 
  2. Rent out bikes and explore the city a bit easier since you can hop on and hop off at anytime. They also provide you with locks so if you want to go in anywhere you can lock your bike and be free to explore on foot.  
  3. Obviously take millions of photos of the beautiful bridge. It's beautiful in any weather or time of day, but we got to catch it during sunset time and it was the most breathtaking view of the bridge we got the whole trip. 
  4. Do some shopping on Haight street. This street was very interesting and wasn't my favorite but it did have some really cool shops. It is a very urban kind of vibe and honestly not very clean, but it was still a pretty cool experience.  
  5. Take a walk or a trolly up to the Russian Hill. I never realized how crazy tight the street is and how scary it must be to actually drive down the hill. All cars had to go a speed limit of only 5 mph.
  6. Watch the sea lions at Fisherman's Wharf and grab dinner. If your into seafood there is tons of fresh fish options for you. Unfortunately Cody and I are not seafood people, so our choices were slim; but we did find a cool little spot for dinner, I just don't remember the name of it. 
  7. Ghirardelli Square is a must. With amazing views all around, restaurants, Ghirardelli ice cream and of course chocolates, the whole experience is a must! 
  8. Find the Full House house, as well as take an obligatory photo of the painted ladies. I grew up watching Full House, so it was crazy to see that same house in person. 
  9. Oh and of course coming to San Francisco we had to make a stop in Cupertino and check out the Apple headquarters. We were lucky enough that Cody has a friend who works there and gave us a quick little tour of the campus. I'm not as geeky as my hubby when it comes to these things, but let me tell you, it gave you some kind of feels. I mean this is where the biggest technology was created. The phones and computers that we use every single day, including the one I'm using right now to type up this blog post, that's where the concepts for them all come from! 

Hope you guys enjoy this little round up of San Francisco. I highly recommend taking a trip here if you can. Oh and if your brave enough to cross that damn bridge, well have fun for me on the other side haha. 

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