{ Barbie Style Bachelorette in Scottsdale, AZ }

Omg guys, I swear the hotel we stayed at for my bachelorette was the cutest thing ever! For my bachelorette I wanted to do something super fun and girly. The hotel I had my eyes on for a while was, The Saguaro Hotel in Scottsdale, Arizona. First of all, it is like where Barbie vactions. Everything was so colorful, bright, and pink. The pool was super cute and fun. There was also a poolside bar that served yummy margaritas, until we lost count.

Every door to each room was a different color. There were palm trees everywhere, and the heat definitely wasn't joking around. The days we were in Arizona the temps didn't seem to go under 100 degrees! Luckily, the time of year we went, June, wasn't a very popular month to come out to Arizona I guess, so we had most of the times at the pool to ourselves! The hotel also offered free bike rentals. The bikes were pink, you guys! Even in the 100 degree weather, I didn't mind my pink bike rides. The hotel was also super close to the downtown Scottsdale area, so we went out for some drinks and food later on at night.

Needless to say, the trip was awesome and I had such a fun time with my bridesmaids at this fun, barbie themed resort.
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