{ Nashville in 72 hours & 15 Instagram worthy spots to check out }

Hi Guys!! So my last post about Nashville if you had read it was all about my crazy birthday experience. Today I wanted to make a list for you and tell you about some of our favorite spots we checked out while in Nashville and I'm also including some spots that are perfect for those who enjoying snapping aesthetic photos for their social media! 

Crazy Town - this bar was by far my favorite on Broadway. The music was great here and the atmosphere was exactly what you imagine it to be when you picture Nashville. 

Caviar & Bananas- Cutest cafe/market place ever. This place is every blogger/Instagram obsessed girl's dream. It is so aesthetically pleasing, I caught myself literally snapping pictures of the floor and chairs because of all the cuteness everywhere. Food was pretty good too, both Cody and I just went for a basic breakfast of eggs and bowl of fruit. One thing I was dying to try here was the Ricotta toast but it is only served Mon-Friday and we went on a Saturday morning :( 

Three brothers coffee- This is the cutest coffee shop. There is also an amazing little room right outside the cafe where you can get shop awesome shots for instagram! 

Nashville Zoo- Omg so tell me, have you ever petted a kangaroo? Cody and I did!! The reason i wanted to go here was mainly because of the kangaroos. Cody knows I dont really like going to the zoo, so when I told him this was on my list he was kind of surprised. We loved this zoo so much! First of all it really is so beautiful, all the animals were up and lively and it was very exciting. We did a cool rope bridge that was a lot of fun, and of course pet the kangaroos. You have to follow a little path and the kangaroos that wanted to be petted would lay or walk on the path, the ones that did not want to be touched moved away from the path and laid on the grass. We loved it so much we actually went back around twice!

Nudie's rooftop- Perfect view of Broadway steet, and the Nashville hot chicken sandwich was perfection. Definitely should try this. 

Tootsies- Miley Cyrus had her album launch party here! The bar itself is really cute too and we really did enjoy the music. 

Honkey Tonk Central- This bar was really cool because it was three separate floors, each floor had its own band playing, but each floor also had balconies that you could stand outside, drink and still listen to the music playing. 

Milk & Honey- A new breakfast spot that seemed to have recently just opened in the Gulch neighborhood. Very cute place and had the prettiest lattes. They also had a really great assortment of coffee options on their menu. They have all local honey which is so delicious. I ordered a "Big Kid Breakfast" and I also got a milk & honey latte. Yum!! Cody tried the chicken and waffles and gave it a huge thumbs up as well! 

Five Points Pizza- If you are looking for a cheap and quick bite, Five Points Pizza was $3.25 for a slice of cheese. I paid under $6 for a slice with a drink! 

Pedestrian Bridge- I think you all know by now how much I hate bridges. Knowing that you would probably think I was crazy to have actually wanted to walk on this bridge. It really was worth it though. Awesome views from up top and it wasn't too bad being on foot opposed to driving in a car. 

Amelia's Flower Truck- Cutest little flower truck parked on a little side street right across from Biscuit Love. You can put together your own bouquet with some gorgeous fresh blooms! Definitely try to snap a few photos here for your insta feed. 

Martin's BBQ joint- I didn't eat here because I wasn't too hungry, but Cody really wanted to make sure he got some good BBQ. The line was a little bit longer to get in but he really enjoyed his food and recommends this place if you like BBQ. 

Jeni's ice cream- I mean self explanatory. However it does get better, they have amazing unique flavors of ice cream. You can do one scoop, two, or even two half scoops, which is what I got. They make the waffle cones right in front of you, so when you walk in it smells like heaven. I tried the Riesling poached pear sherbet  and pistachio and honey. Yummm!!! 

The Parthenon- Super cool spot to see, it was actually right across from our hotel so it was really close for us. We walked around and explored a bit and of course too some photos! 

Nashville murals- We found a few really cool murals while walking around and exploring. Of course we did the angel wings in the Gulch area. We also found the " I believe in Nashville" mural, the blue and white stripped wall, and a few other funky patterns and colorful walls, they are literally on like every street!