{ Crazy birthday experience in Nashville, TN }

Last month I celebrated my 25th birthday in Nashville, TN. Warning, this might be kind of a long post because I want to share some crazy stories with you guys from our trip, because it really was quite an experience. I will be doing a part two to this post talking about some things to do in Nashville. 

Cody and I have been planning on taking a trip here for quite some time, yet something always seemed to make us change our travel plans last minute. This time for my birthday I knew I wanted to go somewhere new and experience what the hype is all about for this city.  It is about a 7 hour drive from Illinois and we didn't mind taking the drive, (we drove to New York before (11ish hours). We left home about 4am and arrived at noon in Tennessee. Our trip started off kind of crazy let me tell you. We had booked our hotel online last minute and just picked whatever we could find at a decent price. When looking at the pictures things seemed pretty good and we decided to give it a go. Upon arrival the area we were staying in looked pretty nice although it was a little outside of downtown Nashville. We were given a key to our room and when we opened the door the room had not been cleaned yet and we kind of freaked out that possibly someone might've still been in the room. We went back into the lobby and requested a new room, obviously. We were given a key again to a new room. This time the room was ready and we walked in ready to relax for a moment, but... immediately we noticed so much no about this room. I always check the bed and sheets in any hotel I stay at to make sure it is clean and theres nothing crazy there. This room was so awful, stains on the bed, dirty, just horrifying. The guy from the lobby called the phone in the room and asked us if the room met our expectations, so Cody and I told him, um no way, there is no way we can stay in a room like this. He apologized and showed us to the next room. At this point this was the 3rd room we were about to see. He shows us in and asks if this is better. To the eye it looked much better than the other two so we said yes. He left us alone and then we started exploring the room again, lifting up the sheets and the bedding flashing our flash lights on our phones. Omg this room was just as bad as the last one. We immediately went back down to the lobby and said we need to cancel our reservation and there is no way we can stay here.  We legit had no idea where we were going to be staying during our time in Nashville. Cody and I spent about 30 minutes driving around trying to steal wifi from McDonald's to look up hotels on my Macbook and phone. Our internet wasn't working fast, so we sat in the McDonald's drive-through causing so much chaos and traffic stealing wifi, sorry people! We finally found a hotel right by the downtown area which actually wasn't sold out so we booked it immediately. When we arrived to this hotel we felt like we stepped into heaven. The smell in the lobby was so nice, the rooms were extremely clean and we were so much closer to downtown Nash. The bedding was crisp and white and we even had a private balcony. It was perfect.

Although this sounds like a horrific experience, this is one of my favorite memories of this trip. Cody and I laughed about it all so much and just couldn't get over the crazy stuff we saw and what we just had done. Our whole trip we kept talking about what we had experienced in disbelief. We definitely learned our lesson to do a little more research next time and read reviews ahead of time. We usually always do but this one was kind of a quick decision. Thank goodness we found the hotel we ended up staying at and it was available that day.

Other than that crazy experience, my birthday in Nashville was actually one of my favorite birthdays I've ever had. The day before my birthday, Cody and I were headed downtown in the hotel shuttle when we heard some girls talking about Miley Cyrus being over at Tootsies for her album launch party. As soon as I heard that, I knew I had to see her one way or another. The funny thing was that on our way to Nashville I joked to Cody saying maybe Miley Cyrus will be here since this is her hometown. How crazy is that right?? Anyways, we got to see Miley for a moment as she was leaving, hanging out the window of the car. My birthday weekend was complete. This was seriously so cool!! I'm obviously a Miley fan girl. #sorrynotsorry

The morning of my birthday Cody surprised me with balloons, my favorite champagne, and an amazing gift I really wanted. I spent my birthday doing everything I wanted to do. I ate ice cream at Jeni's ice cream, and omg it was amazing. We went to the Nashville zoo, which I was so stoked about because they have Kangaroos you can pet. I had no idea how fluffy and soft they would be. We explored so many parts of the city and walked around for miles (our poor feet were not happy). Later in the evening we went out to the bars and actually met up with a couple of my friends from Chicago who were also in Nashville that weekend! We bar hopped a few times, but ended up spending the rest of the night at a bar called CrazyTown. This place was so much fun. The band that was playing that night was so good and that whole experience of being front row and signing along with the band was just so much fun. The night ended being one of those nights I went to bed with a face full of makeup and my contacts still in (which I never do either of those, ever!). I did put on PJ's though haha,  had to be comfy. 

If you read all that, I'm sorry, but thank you haha. That completes my crazy birthday weekend, but I will do another post, part-two, that will hopefully be more helpful sharing some of our favorite places and things we did that weekend!