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How exciting right!? Haha. But I feel like I really haven’t been able to connect with you guys on a more personal level in awhile and I thought this would be a great way to do that by catching up.  

These days are much different than the ones I’ve talked about in the past. The days before Roman and even the days when Roman was inside my belly.  My life has completely changed since then. Heck, I have completely changed since then.  


Becoming a mom has been one of the hardest yet most amazing and rewarding jobs I’ve ever had. To be honest I can’t even imagine my life not being a mom to Roman. He has made me realize so many things that I used to value, really don’t matter. I literally would do anything to put a smile on this little boy’s face. I dont care if that means being home by 6:30pm every night so he can get his night time routine down and go to sleep, or that I might only see my friends once a month if that. I love spending time with this little guy so much. He truly is my little bestie. 

I never knew just how much I would love being a mom. In fact, before Roman was conceived, I wasn’t even too sure I would want to be a mom. I was scared I would hate it, I was scared it wouldn’t allow me to live the life I was used to, I was afraid of making sacrafices for a baby. Gosh, thinking about that all now just seems so silly. I would do ANYTHING for my son. 


So many people assume I’m a stay at home mom. I guess you can kind of say that. I work a part time job, but it’s super part time a few hours, 3 days a week. I am with Roman all the rest of the time. I also do this blogging in any spare time whatsoever, even though I know I have really been struggling keeping up. A very large amount of my time is actually dedicated to Instagram and being a content creator/influencer (whatever you want to call it). Although I am still learning and trying to grow my account, I do get some really great opportunities and sponsorships which I am extremely grateful for. This is a way for me to make some extra income, try out amazing products that I can share with you guys if I really love them, and it gives me a way to use Instagram or my blog as a creative outlet! I just want to throw this in here as well, even though it may seem like I work with many brands and companies, I do turn down brands I do not think would fit with my brand nor would it be something you guys would enjoy. I most definitely do not say yes to everything that comes my way. I am very selective with collaborations. Sorry guys, I know that was off topic a bit but I just wanted to make sure you knew that!! 


Based off of what I just said though, many of my days consist of getting the perfect image for a campaign/collaboration, meeting deadlines, putting together a caption that meets all the requirements of that company. There is a lot of work being put into every single post you see.  Once Cody (hubby + photographer) took this amazing photo for me for this campaign I was working on. We were both so happy with our work and even thought it was the best photo we’ve done for any campaign thus far. I submitted the photo for review by the social media manager of that company before I posted it on Instagram. To my surprise, the image was rejected because I had Roman in the photo and it was against their policy to show children & babies with the product. This was so disappointing not only because we loved the photo, but also because the deadline for the post was in 1 day and I had nothing as a back up. I ended up taking the photo a few hours before submission on my tripod and just calling it a day. Oh well, learning experience, right? 

 Besides doing all of that, I spend a lot of time just being a mom too! Now that the weather is getting nicer we’ve been loving playing outside or going out for walks  Roman loves to swing at the park so I try to do that at least once a day. We have a park walking distance from our house so we love going there as often as we can.


Throughout the day we also experiment a lot with foods and trying new things. This has been extra messy as you can imagine. Roman loves to throw his broccoli and pasta shells on the ground and at anything possible, he thinks it’s funny. Meal time almost always ends with a bath because he is covered in food and it’s beyond any wipe or paper towel’s ability to clean him up. Lucky for him, he could live in the tub or sink or any water lol. This is pretty much a daily activity for us now. 


We love to read books, play with his toys, I let him explore the house for a little bit while trailing right behind him. Roman is so naughty and always tries to get into trouble. It is tricky trying to let him still be able to have a little bit of freedom to roam and explore but also making sure he doesn’t get hurt and my house doesn’t get destroyed.  


Our days are never the same, we never really plan ahead we just live them as they come. One thing I’ve learned is to try to appreciate things in the moment because of him and to take life in slowly. Although my work life really does move so fast pace and it can be stressful at times, I am always reminded when I look at him that all these things are never going to be as important as being a mom to my son. I really try to appreciate the little things in life now because of him and I know that all the hard work and sacrifices we make are to give him everything he will ever need and more!    

I really loved filling you guys in on my life and catching up with you. I hope you enjoyed this and got a little glimpse into my life and maybe learned something about me and my lifestyle that you may have not known before. Feel free to ask me any questions you may have, I always love to answer them for you. 


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