{ Valentine's & Galentine’s gift guide }

Hola!!! I like to think I’m getting an early start on publishing this Valentine’s Day inspired gift guide BUT Valentine’s Day is just a couple weeks away now. Idk why but I’ve always kind of loved Valentine’s Day-the cute stuffed animals and candy everywhere. Also, the memories it brings back from grade school of passing out valentines and giving your crush the extra special one (Erik- you lucky guy, you always got the best spongebob valentine out of the bunch, congrats buddy.) 

I know so many people hate this day but it’s just another day that you get what you make of it. Just because you may not have a significant other in your life, I bet there is someone you love in your life that you can spoil and show your appreciation even more on this little Hallmark day. 

This year I am a pretty lucky lady because I have not just one but TWO valentines!! One of them still poops him self, spoiler alert: it’s not my husband. 😜

Alright let’s not get too crazy, I want to get right in to it and show you all of my favorite finds that I think would make perfect gifts for any special lady!! Some of these are really great gifts for your girlfriends, mom, sisters, or even a teenage daughter! Guys, these gifts are approved by me so if your lady doesn’t like them tell her to send me a DM. We gotta talk... 

P.S. Many of these items are on my wishlist but also many of these I personally already own and have purchased with my own money and absolutely love!! 


The best of fragrance

The cutest PJs

bling, bling


The best of beauty

Shoe Lover


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gift guide
gift guide
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