{ Keeping a clean home with a newborn | Fall decor edition }

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Welcome to all the clean freaks out there like me! If you’re anything like me you absolutely love to clean and have everything in its place at all times. I have to admit a clean home with a newborn is not the easiest but it’s also not impossible. I  always knew that no matter what I  will find a way to keep my home neat and clean even more so once the baby arrives. First of all having things clean and in their place makes it so much easier to find what you’re looking for when you’re in a scurry and your baby is crying. Secondly, if someone is watching the baby in your home, husband included, you know where to point them to in order to find what they are looking for. Win win for everyone. Cleaning your home doesn’t need to take a long time, the key to keeping your home clean is keeping up with your tasks throughout the day. Once you let that pile of laundry collect, or dishes in the sink pile up for a few days, it is game over. Try to stay on top of these things and girl, you are golden!

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The main things to keep in mind when cleaning with a newborn at home is to not use any products with harsh chemicals. I  did a post on this last year, you can read it here if you’d like, but I like to use plant derived, chemical free products such as Method or Meyers. The best time for me to clean is when Roman takes his first morning nap because typically that one is the longest one of the whole day. I have managed to clean my house pretty quickly these days. Usually I can get everything put back together and organized under 20 minutes. I usually do one deep cleaning of the house once a week which may take around 45 minutes to an hour but I make sure to keep up with the dishes, put away any random stuff, and make the bed every single day. An unmade bed and messy home just give me anxiety and add extra unnecessary stress into my life. When my home feels clean and everything is put away I  feel like my mind is clear and I can now sit down, relax, and tackle my other goals for the day.

Roman is a really great sleeper so vacuuming and walking around back and forth doesn’t bother him. If for some reason he does wake up while I’m cleaning I usually will try to put him in his carrier and vacuum and do light house work with him on my chest. He actually really enjoys the sound of the vacuum. Currently I am loving our Dyson vacuum because you don’t have to plug it in and worry about the cord not reaching. It is really light weight and I  can take it out and use it whenever I want to. This vacuum makes it perfect to clean up any hair that you, or in my case, my hubby shed all over the bathroom floor. I  always start by dusting furniture, light fixtures, and baseboards with a swiffer duster. After that I  use a clean cloth and some of my favorite Meyer’s surface spray to make everything smell pretty and sparkle! I  wipe down all the mirrors in the house because they are always either splashed with water from Romie’s bath time in the bathrooms or have cute little finger prints from him trying to touch it. Once I’m done with that I will quickly vacuum the entire house and then I  mop the floors. Mopping the floors is a must around here because our baby is so fricken drooly, he leaves wet spots all over the floors. For real though, is my 2.5 month old teething? This drooling is out of control haha.

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Now I am done cleaning! I will usually light a candle and make some lunch and maybe even a hot cup of coffee. I have a clear mind once my home is clean which helps me write my blog posts and work on some fun content for you guys!

Guys, tell me in the comments below or on my instagram what other type of content you want to see more of from me next!!

Until next time <3