{ 3 Podcasts you should listen to right now }

This post is a little different than anything I’ve ever done before in the past but I really wanted to share with you guys something I’ve been into lately. Before my “ being a mom” days, I used to love to read books. These days finding the time to sit down and read is nearly impossible because there is always 100 other things I have to do. Since reading is out of the question, I recently decided to turn to podcasts. Let me tell ya, I’m loving it! I listen to podcasts while doing my makeup in the morning and while I’m driving to work, even if it’s only a 6 minute drive. Sometimes I try to sneak in a podcast while I clean the house or when the baby is napping. It is so much easier to listen to a podcast than finding the time to sit down to read. I’ve always really been into anything motivational and inspiring- whether it’s a book, tv show, or a podcast! Besides the fact that listening to a podcast is super convenient and efficient for all my multitaskers out there, I also love being able to hear the actual voices of people telling their stories. Below I am sharing with you 3 of my favorite podcasts I’ve been listening to daily and I think you guys would love them too! 

Jenna Kutcher’s Goal Digger 


If you want to learn something go listen to Jenna Kutcher’s podcasts. She is a great educator on all things social media, entrepreneurship, and self love. Listening to her podcasts just makes you feel good about yourself and really inspires you to go out there and tackle those goals. She gives a lot of helpful tips and advice to those who are trying to start an online business. She grew her business into a multi million dollar empire and it all started with a $300 camera she got off of Craigslist. Go listen to her podcast to hear about how she did it. Listen to it here.

Sazan and Stevie Hendricks- The Good Life  


Okay so what is there not to love about Sazan and Stevie.  They are the cutest couple ever with the most adorable baby girl! I have been following Sazan’s blog and Instagram for quite some time and when I heard there’s a podcast coming out I was thrilled. These two really make quite a team. I love hearing their stories because they are so full of positivity, faith, and life experiences. They are very relatable and a real breath of fresh air. I really do idolize Sazan as a blogger, a wife, and a mother.  Listen to it here.

The Skinny Confidential Him & Her  


So this one is probably my favorite podcast to listen to in the mornings while getting ready for work or whatever I’m doing that day.  If there is one thing that motivates me to get my shit together it’s this Him & Her podcast. Lauryn and her husband Micheal are so open and 100% real about everything they talk about. They are both serial entrepreneurs who continue to help others succeed and reach their full potential also. I have learned so much from their podcasts and love all the people they have interviewed. What’s really cool about their podcast is that they interview really successful, amazing people and you get to hear the nitty gritty, full on realness from all of these people. I love how fun and playful they are, yet extremely knowledgeable at the same time. Listen to it here.

 Let me know if you guys are also into the podcast thing right now and who you are currently listening to. If you have any other business/inspirational podcast recommendations please let me know in the comments below. I am constantly trying to keep myself busy, entertained, and educated and these podcasts do a really great job at that.

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