{ A perfect weekend in the city & Spring Bucket List }


It finally looks like spring has arrived in Chicago and it is here to stay. I couldn't be happier about the sunshine and warmer temperatures. Who else feels like the nicer weather helps bring your mood up? It definitely makes me happy and gives me more energy, especially this last trimester in my pregnancy energy is much needed.

Cody and I got to spend this weekend together and it was such a great time. On Friday we did some spring cleaning in our closet (maybe my nesting is kicking in already?). Saturday we decided to go downtown by Lincoln Park Zoo and explore some new spots we haven't gone to before. My feet were not happy about all the walking and I have plenty of bandaids on my feet to prove it, but we had a blast and the weather was beautiful!

I started thinking I should put together a quick spring bucket list of things I want to do before our little baby arrives in July!  I am so excited for his arrival but until then I am looking forward to doing some spring activities with just me and the hubby. 




spring bucket list 

Go to a farmers market 

Take a road trip 

Get a spray tan 

Take your dog or a friend's dog to the park and play frisbee

Go on a walk/run in the morning or evening as part of your exercise

Eat more fruits rather than sweets and candies

Plant flowers

Pick some fresh flowers for your house

Go to a botanical garden

Fly a kite

Spring clean your home or car 

Splurge on some spring beauty or fashion pieces 

Grill with your family 

Have a photoshoot for fun in front of pretty flowers 

Try out some new fun drink/food recipes 


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