{ 5 things we live by in our marriage }


This weekend Cody worked while I was off at home and I kept thinking to myself  how much I love and appreciate the time that I do get to spend with my husband. I see him everyday but that still never feels like enough time to do all the things we want to do together. During the week we often have opposite schedules and we really just see each other in the morning before one of us heads out to work, or right before bed if Cody has a closing shift at work.  

 I’ve mentioned this before in an older blog post but our relationship was really doubted back in high school when no one really believed we would make it this far. It’s one of my favorite things to think about sometimes when I think of how far we have come and totally proved all of the negative people wrong. I mean I don't necessarily blame them all for doubting that two 17 year olds would end up married and have a baby in a few months. I never really even imagined this would be our life but I am so happy it is. 

Today I wanted to share some things with you that have worked in our relationship/marriage and what helps us stay in love!  

1. Never go to sleep angry at one another. This is a rule we live by since the beginning of our relationship. We try to always remember that you never know what the next day will bring and we would never want our last time together to be remembered in a negative way. We always make sure to kiss goodnight! 

2. Show gratitude. I always try my best to thank Cody for everything he does for me and our baby. He takes amazing care of us and has been such great help throughout the moving process. I have to give him a little shout out, I never knew he was so handy, but he’s really impressed me how much furniture he’s built the last few weeks and how much work he has put into our new home! Thanks babe!! 

3. Make time for one another. A lot of time we find ourselves to be too busy to even have a conversation. Cody will focus on his clothing brand, Blue Expression and spend hours designing and working on his computer, while I’ll spend hours blogging and checking emails. We try to balance everything so we still can make time for each other. We love to watch The Office on Netflix and eat lots of ice cream and popcorn.  Sometimes we will go out for a little drive just to clear our minds and talk. We find little things we enjoy and we make time for them as best as we can. 

4. Support and encourage one another. Cody is my number one fan when it comes to my blogging, as I am his when it comes to his brand Blue Expression. We encourage each other all the time. Cody is my blog photographer whenever I can’t take the photos myself and I am his photographer for his Instagram page. He never complains when I come up with crazy ideas, he just goes along with them. I believe in him and his brand. I am extremely proud of him for his dedication and thankful because he inspired me to go for it when it came to my blog! 

5. Respect. This is so important for anybody. I don’t understand why all people just don’t respect each other. We care for one another and consider each other’s feelings. Cody knows when I need my own space and will give me it. We try to do nice things for each other. Small surprises here and there. Maybe cook the other person dinner or make them breakfast. I value his opinion and usually he’s smart enough to let me do things my way, but I still give him the chance to hear him out haha. 

Hopefully you enjoyed this quick post and some of these tips can help your relationship! I hope you all have a great week <3  

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