{ Our journey on becoming homeowners }

As you guys may have read in one of my past posts, Cody and I got keys to our new home beginning of March. However, getting here wasn’t quite a walk in the park. Everyone obviously goes through a different journey and I wouldn’t change a thing about ours but I though I would share some experiences of ours with you! 

First of all Cody and I were renting an apartment for about a year and a half. We decided right before finding out we’re pregnant that this is the year we want to buy our first home. We looked at home whenever it was convenient for both Cody and I to be able to go together (this wasn’t very often). I also tried to make sure my dad could make it to these showings with us considering he has a good idea of things we may not have considered like how old the heater is, or how old the windows are and how much that’ll cost us to replace and etc. 


We worked with an agent from our mortgage company at first but the times we had scheduled to view a home she always seemed to have an emergency and had to reschedule. We missed out on a few properties because of it. We then found another relator who was really awesome and I would still highly recommend her. She helped us a lot through this process but unfortunately we just couldn’t find the “perfect” home for us yet.  My mom then tried to help and made us meet with her agent who helped her and most of my family out with their home purchases. I wasn’t too thrilled but I gave her the chance to show us two homes since Cody and I were both kind of over it all at this point. It just so happened to be that both homes were perfect for us and we made offers on both. Waiting for a decision took forever and we were getting really impatient. 4-5 days later we finally got a decision and our offer was accepted on the place we wanted the most. We then had to wait another month until our closing date which felt like it was the longest month of our lives. 


In the meantime we were still under a lease with our apartment and couldn’t technically stop paying our rent until they found someone else to take our place and sublease. Every week for about three weeks I had agents from the management company showing our home to people and hoping someone would agree to sublease. This was getting really frustrating because of course me being the clean freak I am I had to make sure every single day our apartment was in perfect shape to convince someone to rent it out. Two weeks before our scheduled closing date we found out someone was approved to rent our unit and this was no longer a part of our stress. Our move out date from the apartment was February 28 and our closing on the new home was March 5th. Soo now where do we go for all those days in between??


Well, we are forced to live at my grandmas, sharing a home with her for what we had hoped would be 5 days total. Cody and I had ideas and hopes for small updates and renovations right away for our new home which we didn’t realize how much it would prolong our move in time. We went from planning on staying 5 days with grandma to over 2 weeks with grandma. Don’t get me wrong it wasn’t bad and we were so thankful she let us use her house and feel so welcome and at home those 2 weeks, but it wasn’t our private little space, it wasn’t our comfortable mattress and pillows, we only had about 6 outfits packed to alternate between and everything else was packed away in boxes somewhere in someone’s garage lol. It was not easy! 

Fast forward to 2 weeks later we finally got to sleep in our new home on our new bed but on the same amazing mattress we were used to. We finally got a full night of sleep! Considering being pregnant and my belly getting more and more uncomfortable I barely was getting any sleep at my grandmas. The bed was not working for me and I woke up sore everyday. The first night in our new home was everything I had hoped for. Although, the rest of our home was looking like a disaster from carpet being torn out and baseboard pulled off and boxes and things everywhere, we were still so happy to finally have our own privacy and come home whatever time we wanted to and talk out loud before bed, oh an I think I forgot to mention, grandma had NO WIFI!!! Absolute torture, how did I forget to mention that. Okay, so it was torture because we couldn’t watch The Office on Netflix every night like we did at home and stalk puppy Instagram accounts but I did realize how nice it was to not bring my phone with me to the kitchen while I ate breakfast and just enjoy my peaceful mornings before work. 


Cody and I find ourselves randomly saying how much we love this home and we are so happy with our choice. It really doesn’t matter how big or small someone’s house is or what it looks like, a home should feel like a home to those living in it and this place already feels like our home. We are slowly turning it into our dream home one day at a time and are so grateful for our families who helped us along the way. Also thank you guys who have congratulated us on this journey. We are so excited to bring our little baby into this home, give him a nursery I always hoped I can give and fill his little closet with all his adorable, tiny little clothes and shoes. 

Here's a little sneak peak of how the place is starting to come together: 


I am so happy with the feedback I get from some of you guys and that you continue letting me know what you enjoy reading on my blog the most. I will be posting lots of pictures of our new place throughout the next few weeks now that everything is pretty much done and of course give you guys a look at baby Ro’s nursery once it is all ready for him closer to his arrival. 

If you enjoy these types of post make sure you check out my post next week on Monday, I plan on sharing some before and after photos and give you guys a little tour of our home! 

Hope you guys enjoyed this post, I apologize it’s a lengthy one but it’s actually a long story short believe it or not haha. 





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