{ 10 things you may not know about my husband and I }

  1. We didn’t live together before we got married. We both lived with our parents at home prior.  Our wedding night was the first night I spent in our apartment with Cody. This is something we both really enjoyed experiencing for the first time and were very happy we had made this choice to wait to live together. It was something new for us and really something we looked forward to in our new life together. 
  2. My puppy doesn’t live with us unfortunately, he prefers staying at my mom’s house ( I dont blame him though, she sets up a food buffet for him every single day). The reason why we have Cubby (our puppy) though is because Cody and I made the decision together to go into a pet store without anyone’s knowledge at the age of 20/21 and couldn’t resist this sweet little face!! So we brought him home- to my parents. I opened a store credit card because he wasn’t very cheap and made it happen! Best decision ever, Cubby has changed our lives for the better! 
  3. Cody is definitely more of a kids person, whereas me on the other hand, I think I will appreciate them a little bit more once I have my own and become a mom. I think my perception will totally change and I’ll be the one sending millions of snaps to everyone of my kid just sleeping. 
  4. My hubby and I go church every Sunday. I think our faith got a lot stronger after we married and it’s just been a really big part of our marriage since. I grew up with a family who was very strict on practicing Catholicism but Cody wasn’t always that way. When we started dating Cody knew my dad would never approve of me being with a guy who doesn’t go to church so Cody went with me every week. Now that we are married we on our own decided this is something we enjoy doing together and it’s a part of our life and not just because my dad said to. I really appreciate that of Cody and in our relationship.  
  5. So both Cody and I love to cook but I have to admit Cody is much better at it than me. He can grill up an incredible meal and cook up nearly anything I request. If there’s a Pinterest recipe I want to try, Cody is the one usually doing most of the work. I do love to cook and I don’t think I’m too bad at it, but I much rather eat what Cody makes or make something together! 
  6. We are almost complete opposites when it comes to food. I could easily live a vegetarian lifestyle while the only vegetable my hubby will eat is a potato oh and corn too. When we cook we usually cook up two separate meals since we both like totally different things, the one food that we can eat together is pasta! 
  7.  Both of our parents are still married, never have been divorced. This is something really cool that I really love about our families. It’s something we can look up to and live by their example. I know they both had their ups and downs and times weren’t always easy, but that is what is so inspiring for Cody and I to know and understand. We apply that to our marriage and know that it’s not always going to be rainbows and butterflies and some time things will get tough but our parents made it through much more difficult times and we can make it through anything also! 
  8. I am actually a month or so older than Cody. He always makes fun of me for it but that’s okay, that’s just what makes me the more wise one in the relationship right?  
  9. My husband likes to shop more than me. I am completely content with placing an online order here and there but Cody loves to go to the mall and go shopping. I personally hate the mall so much! Maybe because I’ve worked retail for many years I now steer clear of the mall now, but Cody loves it! 
  10. Our main key to our marriage is communication. We talk all the time about everything. We tell each other about our days even if nothing exciting has happened. We talk about our goals and plans for the future. We try to inspire one another and support each other’s decisions. We also are completely honest about how we feel and we talk about it together. Communication is so important to us because it really helps us understand what the other person is thinking or wants. Cody and I love to talk about our accomplishments and things we have achieved together in our life. We love to stay positive and surround ourselves with positivity all around. No one needs negative energy in their life, so don’t forget to focus on the positives and all the good vibes only stuff.  
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