{ How to get the job you want | Interview tips }


Congrats! So you got a call back from the job you applied for, but now what!?

I've done a few interviews in my life and I feel like I have really gotten the hang of what to expect and how to present myself in these interviews. Proud to say I've only been rejected twice from a job I interviewed for. First one was Starbucks (damn it, that employee discount could've been nice). I didn't get this position because I was inexperienced and also like 16. Second job I applied for, I thought I really wanted but realized during my interview I had no idea what this job was even about. So let's just say that didn't work out in my favor. Moral of the story is apply to jobs you know you are qualified for and really do some research about the company. Most jobs I've held were either retail or administrative work in dealerships/office settings. I will share some tips and advice that have worked for me in the past and maybe they can help some of you! 

Dress to impress. This is so important. Your first impression is everything and before your potential employer gets to know you this is what they will basically judge you based off of. Do not wear jeans to an interview.  Ladies, make sure you dress appropriately. If you're going to wear a skirt, make sure it is an appropriate length and don't wear any deep plunging tops! One thing I think is so important is to make sure that no matter what the job is, always dress business casual unless you are told otherwise. It doesn't matter if your interview is for a fitness club, don't wear sweatpants! 

Practice ahead of time! It may seem weird to do but I talk to myself and ask myself potential interview questions and try to find the best answer for those questions. I repeat my answer until I find the best way to answer it. Do not try to memorize though because you will end up sounding like a robot and you definitely don't want to do that.

Bring extra resumes. I always print out 2-3 resumes. You never know how many people you may be interviewing with. I've had times where I thought it was just me and one person and I ended up having to interview with 2 people and I looked really professional by being prepared and having resumes for both of the interviewers (bonus points, yesss!).

Relax! I know this sounds crazy when you're preparing to go into an interview. I realize this is the last thing you feel like your capable of doing but relaxing will honestly only work in your favor. One thing I like to tell myself is, pretend like the person interviewing you is a friend who is trying to get to know you. This helps make me less nervous and I get more comfortable.  I laugh, smile a lot, and even maybe throw in a little humor to break the ice, in an appropriate way of course. You want to be authentic and seem likable and make the interviewer feel like you have a great personality and they had a great time interacting with you. It shows them what working with someone like you on their team would look like.

SMILE. As I mentioned previously always make sure you have a a good attitude and a big smile on your face. 

Make sure that at the end of the interview you ask all the questions you have, employers love being asked questions by the interviewee, thank them for their time, and give a nice firm hand shake.

Yay! You did it. Now we wait for the call back :) Fingers crossed. You got this!