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So seriously though, who doesn't love getting a good deal? For me it doesn't even matter how much I save, I just love knowing that I saved even a dumb $.80. For some reason I just really enjoy online coupon codes. Cody knows that when we purchase anything online, I need to do my research first to find any active coupons before placing the order. No, I am not an extreme couponer, I actually really suck at remembering to bring my coupons with me to stores. I will occasionally cut them out and then forget about them almost all the time. With online shopping it is so much easier because it's all online. I used to spend so much time looking all over the internet for coupons for hotel discounts or codes for $$ off shoe purchases, and etc.

I recently came across this really awesome plug in called Honey which works on google chrome. All you do is install the plug in on your computer and then it saves to your web browser, then whenever you check out, Honey runs a bunch of coupon codes for you and picks one that is the best savings for your purchase. So far I've had really great success with this. Our upcoming trip we booked we actually saved $30 off our total through Travelocity. I mean, it's better than I would've done trying to search for these coupons myself and it saved me so much time. It doesn't always work for every single website but thus far most I've tried I had luck saving at least $5-10 if not more. 

Another website I liked to use is called Likeacoupon. Here it will give you a list of stores and codes. Before I discovered Honey, I used this website all the time. I have found multiple deals through Likeacoupon. I know the website has gotten a facelift since the last time I used it, but it still seems like it has some pretty good coupons on there. 

If you are not a frequent online shopper and prefer shopping in store, one of my favorite apps to use on your phone for saving money is Cartwheel for Target. We all already love Target, so what makes it even better is this app! I use this app on every trip I make to Target. You can scan items in the store and the app will tell you if there are any promo codes you can apply to the item at checkout. If there is, you just save it and when your checking out you just scan a barcode on your phone and the money comes off! The app will also track how much money overall you have saved so you can see your savings add up. As of right now I have redeemed 30 coupons and saved $61.30. I haven't actually used this much in the past, I just got more into it over the past year. I am a pro at using the app now, but in the beginning I couldn't figure out how to apply it when I would check out in the store. The good news is, Target team members know exactly how to use the app and are always there to help out! 

Seriously tho, if you do anything I said here, get the Honey plug in for chrome, it's totally free and it's amazing. You will thank me later. I mean its basically extra $$ in your pocket and who can complain about that?! 

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