{It's my birthday!! | 25 things about me }

Today is my birthday and I am so grateful for the past 24 years of my life! I have learned so much about life and myself with all the experiences I've had thus far. I figured this would be a cool little post to do, sharing 25 things about myself maybe you guys don't know. 


  1. I am obsessed with dogs

  2. I am allergic to most dogs/cats, sad face (unless hypoallergenic like my Cubby)

  3.  I love steak tacos 

  4. I don't really like meat, unless it's super dry and well done, but i dont eat it often

  5. I started dating Cody (hubby) junior year of high school

  6. I care more about experiences than materialistic things

  7. I worked at Victoria's Secret for 5 years

  8. I am an only child 

  9. i love to travel 

  10. I have the biggest fear of flying

  11. I am super independent and hate to rely on others 

  12. I love to clean and cook when I am stressed

  13. Summer/fall are my favorite seasons

  14. I have extreme OCD for cleanliness and organization

  15. I don't like to touch paper or anything dry textured after washing my hands 

  16. I judge pet owners all the time if their animal doesn't "look happy" in my eyes 

  17. I am extremely sensitive to salt, I usually pick it off of chips and pretzels 

  18. When I wake up after a drunk night I always start speaking Polish to people 

  19. If I won the lottery, first thing I'd do is buy a big enough house to adopt a ton of dogs

  20. I have reoccurring nightmares of bridges collapsing which is one of my biggest fears 

  21. When stuck by a street light on a bridge in a car, I unbuckle my seat belt in case of having to jump out and I usually cry. 

  22. I put hot sauce on anything that hot sauce is appropriate to be put on

  23. I am mentally really strong, physically not so much but it's whatever haha

  24. I try to treat everyone with respect, but I also believe that you get what you give. 

  25. I believe that everything happens for a reason 

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