{ My homemade Chipotle salad }

Hi guys!

So lately I find myself to be cooking a lot more than I was the past couple of months. I actually always hated cooking when I lived at home because my mom would always make comments about everything I did wrong in the kitchen. Since I moved out, Cody and I have been experimenting a ton with recipes from Pintrest, online, cook books, etc. I feel like the only way to really learn anything in life is by trial and error. That is why when Cody and I cook now we kind of just do whatever and see what comes of it. Most of the times we surprised ourselves at how good something came out on our very first try, and well sometimes we had to end up ordering a pizza haha (no complaining there). See, Cody is a huge meat person and hates anything called a vegetable. Me on the other hand, I love anything that is a vegetable and I only eat meat in moderation (by this I pretty much mean tacos). 

The other night after the gym I needed to pack something for lunch for work in the morning and I literally had no idea what to make. So I started putting random stuff I like together and then realized I kind of recreated my Chiptole order at home. If you guys are interested in this little quick lunch/dinner idea keep reading! 

1.   First, I was able to scoop up the new flavor I spotted at my grocery store of my favorite rice brand, Rice a Roni, in flavor Cilantro Lime. This is the flavor of rice they use at chiptole. So I let that cook for around 25 minutes. All directions for this rice are on the back of the box which makes it so easy to do. 


2.   While the rice was cooking I made my own "salsa" to add to the top of my dish once it was finished. For the "salsa" I basically just made some pico de gallo which I am obsessed with. I chopped up some tomatoes, onions, and cilantro. Usually for pico de gallo I also add lime, but since there was already going to be a lot of flavor with the rice and the veggies I was going to be cooking up next, I decided to skip the lime this time.

3.   When I go to Chiptole I always get the fajita veggies which I think are just like onions and green peppers.  So I heated up some peppers, I also added some broccoli and jalapeños just because I really like them and wanted to add more flavor. 


4.   Last thing I did was, I threw in some pieces of lettuce to cover the bottom of my container, I poured some of the rice over it, once it cooled. Then I added all my veggies I cooked up on a different pan and topped it off with my pico de gallo. You can also add cheese like they do at Chiptole, however I wanted this to be a little bit of a lighter lunch. 


This turned out so yummy! Even eating it the next day I was surprised how good it was. 

Let me know if any of you try this out and what you think! 

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