{ My top 15 quotes to live by }

Not sure if you guys know this yet, but I am quote obsessed. If any of you follow me on Pintrest you know I have a huge collection of quotes I am constantly pinning. I also love using quotes as Instagram captions when I can't think of anything else. I love to read quotes for inspiration on a daily basis. On days when I am feeling down and not myself, I love to curl up in bed and read a bunch of my favorite quotes I've saved to help re-inspire me and bring my mood up. This  seems to work for me and instantly makes me happy. Quotes kind of work as a reminder to know your worth, to inspire you to be a better person, to understand the importance of happiness and love in your life, and help motivate you to get our of bed each morning and do something awesome! I don't know about you guys, but I thought we could appreciate some of my favorite quotes today and get a little re-inspired to do great things! 

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