{We survived our first year of marriage! }

"A lot of people say that the first year of marriage is the hardest. I don't believe it."

This weekend Cody and I are going to be celebrating our 1st wedding anniversary! I seriously cannot believe it has already been a year. I still remember planning the wedding and counting down the months and now we are already at our one year mark. Crazy how much time flies! 

Honestly, this past year has been so wonderful for us.  We were together for 7 years before we married so marriage didn't really change much for us, but it still is very exciting and fun to share a living space together. Knowing that you can vent to the other person with all your problems and they kind of have to listen (sorry babe).  We've had the opportunity to travel a little bit and take some cool road trips the past year and go on some really cool adventures together. Everyday we still learn new things about one another, so there is never a chance to be bored. I feel like we both balance each other out. A lot of people say that the first year of marriage is the hardest. I don't believe it. Although we have only made it one year so far, this past year was all positives for us. We learned how to cook together, how to grocery shop more efficiently, and how to manage our finances.  

There are things of course that we bicker about like, who will do the laundry and why the dirty plates are in the sink and not put away in the dishwasher, but I mean I do leave a lot of hair products and makeup everywhere too, so I guess we're even haha. Living with someone does take time to get used to and it can be frustrating because they seem to always get in your way, but I wouldn't want it any other way :)  

We don't have any crazy plans for our anniversary this year partially because we are attending a wedding Saturday, but we are hoping to just relax and go out to a nice dinner and just do some of our favorite things on Sunday! 

Below I will include some of our photos from our wedding day!