{ Relationship advice and what it's like to be high school sweethearts }

Cody and I are back doing another post together to share with you guys! The last one I did about “How well does my husband know me” did really well on my blog, so I thought maybe I’ll include Cody in some more! For a while now we have been asked things about our relationship and we thought maybe we could answer some of those questions and add some little bits of advice from personal experience. Hope you guys enjoy this little post we did together, I promise both our answers are our own and totally true! 

  • Best advice for high school sweethearts? 

Monika- Don't doubt that high school sweethearts can actually end up married. Believe in what you have and really focus on your relationship. Don't let others discourage you and try to tell you that high school sweethearts don't last. ( Little quick story, Cody and I had a P.E teacher in high school who would mock Cody and I for our relationship and would try to tell us that "high school sweethearts" are bullshit. Cody got so mad at this teacher and started to yell back at him and ended up getting sent to the principles office for trying to defend our relationship #romantic right?) 

Cody- Do you. Don't let someone else try to tell you how your future will be or that a relationship will never last because you're too young. Like Monika said, I wasn't afraid to stand up for our relationship in high school (I would've fought him if I could've lol ), don't be afraid to stand up for something you believe in. If it's there it's there. 

  • What has been the biggest struggle of being high school sweethearts and getting married young? 

Monika- Personally for me, I love everything about being married young and to my high school boyfriend. The one thing I have to say has been the hardest is just hearing over and over again people being so surprised when they find out I'm married. We both always get the "you're so young hun" kinda thing and it's honestly so annoying. Why does age matter anyways? Love should have no age, unless it's illegal you crazies.  

Cody- Exactly, people always try to put their two cents in. They say things like "you have plenty of time still" and "don't you want to experience life?". I'm not dead people. We are married and the things I can experience alone are so much better being experienced together. 

  • What makes your relationship/marriage work? 

Monika- I think it's because we really listen to each other and value each other's opinions. We know how to compromise well and that is something major in a relationship besides trust. Trust is another huge part of a successful relationship. 

Cody- One of the things that works well for us is that we are the essentially the same person, but yet kind of different. We like a lot of similar things, have similar interests, goals, and views on life. We are different, though, with some things which complements each other and makes us communicate to come up with a good compromise. We work together as a team.  So, don't be afraid to date someone who is totally opposite of you. Sometimes that can work too! 

  • What's your favorite part about being married to your high school sweetheart? 

Monika- I love that over the years Cody has become my best friend. I have gotten to see him from his skateboard days full of shaggy hair and baggy clothes ( omgggg yuckkk), to being the handsome man that he is today, thank gosh for puberty right?  We got to share so much together over the years and honestly no one knows me better than my hubs. Plus dating sucks, so I'm happy I can sip wine and eat tacos at home with him whenever I want. Although it sounds like all I do is eat tacos, I promise we do go out and eat food other than tacos in case you're wondering. 

Cody- I think the best part for me about marrying my high school sweet heart is all the things we have been able to experience together. We've traveled, bought a dog, spent an obnoxious amount of money on useless shit, but it all added to who and what we are today. Us. I wouldn't want it any other way. Yes, we've had bumps in the road like everyone else, but that's how you are able to grow. We've grown as individuals, but more importantly we have grown stronger as a couple. 

Damn Cody some deep shit right there ↑ but see, this is why I married him <3 

Thanks for reading guys! We hope you enjoyed it and if you have any requests of more blog posts we should do together comment below and let us know, we have a lot of fun doing these together :)