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Now that it is getting much colder out I'm sure many of us will be getting sick or even the winter blues. It’s kind of embarrassing to admit but my immune system literally fails me with every change of season. Like seriously, it’s such a disappointment. I get sick way more than any person I know or any person should. Like wtf !? The older I get the more I realize that it may be partially my fault that my body reacts that way and isn’t prepared to fight off viruses. I am going to share some self care tips with you that I’ll personally be trying or have started to try already to strengthen my mental health as well as my immune system and to fight off colds as well as the nasty winter blues... Read on for my tips! 

Don’t stress. Seriously just let it go. I am such a such a stress ball all the time. I am slowly learning to just let things happen and not worry about it until it does happen. I over think things way too much which just makes me go crazy in the end.  

Living a healthy lifestyle when it comes to eating and the food choices you make. Junk food is my absolute favorite but I also really love vegetables. Balancing those is really important because I don’t want to totally deprive myself of all the best things in life like fries, elotes, tacos, ice cream and etc. you know... I try to make most of my meals healthier and then I allow myself to splurge on the other goodies occasionally, even though if you have me on Snapchat you pretty much always probably think I am eating like a pig haha. 

Play with an animal you love! For me it’s my dog or any dog I meet. Cubby- my silky terrier, is literally my life. I don’t know how animals do it but they just make all your problems seem to disappear. They give you such unconditional love and never judge you. Any time I feel down and sad I grab my pup and make him cuddle with me. I know he’s 4 years old now so he’s embarrassed to be seen snuggling his mama but I know he secretly loves it too!  

Sometimes taking a drive to no where really helps to clear your head. I love when Cody and I drive around pointlessly sometimes at night with the windows cracked open in the car and just feeling the wind in my hair and playing some good music on the radio. Little things like this can be so good for your mental health.  

Of course when talking about strengthening your immune system, make sure to take vitamins, eat lots of fruits and veggies and eat less junk food as I mentioned before. Exercising  can also really help as well as getting a good night’s rest. 

Take care of yourself because  “you gotta nourish to flourish”- got this quote from Pinterest. I think this is so accurate and I completely believe that nothing is more important than taking care of yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally. Become a priority in your life. Invest in yourself! 

Instantly makes you happier looking at a puppy in pajamas right?? 

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