{It's wedding season again! Now, what to wear?!}

Hello Summer & Hello Pretty Dresses! 

This is by far my favorite time of the year, especially since I live in Chicago and I'm totally over all the cold weather. Summer also means lots of weddings, graduations, parties, etc. In today's post I want to share with you some dresses I found that are perfect for all of your summer events! I will link all my favorites below and I'm also sharing some pictures from a friend's wedding my hubby and I attended, so you can see what we wore!


The dress that you see me wearing in the pictures is from Windsor. I remember I went into the store and it caught my eye right away. I loved the length, the print, and the low neckline. Usually I don't go for clothing like this because sometimes it makes me feel uncomfortable, but because this dress was long and had such a classy print it balanced out the neckline in my opinion. Of course with a dress like this you also need to have the right bra, am I right? This neckline honestly gave me the hardest time finding a perfect bra. Last minute I decided to go with some pasties which were the perfect solution for this type of dress. I got mine here! 

"Never underestimate a good outfit on a bad day". I love this saying because it's totally true. When I have a cute outfit on that gives me confidence, I feel like can do anything! Picking out the right outfit for a big event is crucial because you will be surrounded all night by tons of people and the last thing you want to feel like doing is hiding somewhere in the corner because you don't feel confident in your clothes. Pick out something that makes you want to show it off to everyone, pick out something that'll inspire you to dance, to sing along, and to mingle with all the guests at the party! Confidence starts from within, so make sure you are the one who decides what you want to wear and flaunt it with confidence. 

Shopping online is my favorite because I can order stuff and try it all on in the comfort of my own home. I can do my makeup and my hair and see how the whole look will come together. Trying on inside a store can be discouraging because fitting rooms usually are lit in a very unflattering light and also, for me I like to try things on at home with my own shoes, accessories, etc. Keep that in mind when shopping, sometimes it's better to bring it home with you and try it on a few times until you know how you really feel about the item. If you don't like it after giving it some thought, most places now have pretty good return policies and this will make life a lot easier than trying on a million things in the store!

I will list some of my favorite picks that you can shop below. 

Click pictures below to shop!