{ Our first family vacation to California! }

Alright, so let me start of by saying, this was actually supposed to be a one night getaway to Wisconsin Dells but then somehow my husband (as usual) convinced me that we should fly out 1700 miles from home instead.   

I am never opposed to going to California but I do extremely hate flying and now with a baby my anxiety was on a whole new level. I mean talk about all the nasty stares people give you when they see there’s a baby on the same flight as theirs. Then you have to think about all the 7 million things you need to pack because you can’t possibly forget ANYTHING! Ugh stress levels are high my friends.

So usually we are really great planners when it comes to our vacations. We make lists of places we want to for sure check out, map things out so we know how long it will take us, and even plan our days ahead which also helps us with our outfit choices.  This time nothing really looked that way. We were so unorganized not going to lie. We finished packing hours before our flight and had literally nothing truly figured out. What has mom life done to me you guys!?  

The airport // flight

Pure craziness. Our flight took off at 5:55am. We always get to the airport about an hour early just to be safe however, this time we had a little less than an hour because we were running a bit behind in the morning. We checked our bags and went through security. Oh my goodness was this a hassle. Things are not easy with a baby. We just had so much stuff- carry on bags, a diaper bag, the DocAtot, the stroller, the baby, our jackets. Try taking everything off for security and then try to put it all back on and reorganized. Total chaos!! Next up, we brought our stroller and car seat so we had to get them tagged so we can check them in right before boarding the plane. We had already walked all the way to the very last gate because Cody said that was our gate until the lady checking our stroller said we are actually on the other side of the airport…. Like literally the complete opposite end of the airport. We now have about 15 minutes to boarding and are running through the airport at 5:30 am like some crazy people with a baby. Yeah, that was definitely not how I hoped to relax before our flight. But we made it in time and we got to board the plane and choose the seats we wanted so it was all fine after that.

Roman was such a great flyer. He slept for about an hour of the flight. He fell asleep immediately after take off. It was great because I held him in my arms as he fell asleep and something about watching him be so calm and sleep so peacefully really made me feel a lot more comfortable. When he woke up we tried to keep him entertained and happy but overall it went very smoothly. The flight home was even better to be honest, Roman fell asleep at take off and woke up about 30 minutes to landing which was PERFECT!  I was Sooo worried because we had a late flight he wouldn’t fall asleep because of being overtired and would be super cranky but he was such a great travel buddy!!


While in California we checked into the hotel which Roman was thrilled about. We stayed at the Cambria hotel in Los Angeles, and it was an amazing stay!! Roman was soo excited, Cody and I were convinced the hotel was his favorite part of the trip haha. We got a crib in our room for him and we also brought our DocATot to help him sleep better since he’s used to it at home. His sleep honestly wasn’t affected at all by the travel and the time change. Of course he was exhausted and not always did he get his naps when he should, but he just fell asleep on his own wherever we were at. At one point he fell asleep on my shoulder being carried along Venice beach- it was so adorable because he rarely ever does that! 

Venice beach

As I mentioned above, Venice beach was actually our very first stop. We took Roman to the sand and it was literally the cutest thing I ever watched. He loved playing with the sand and feeling the texture. He was so smiley and happy. We also brought him over to the water so he can dip his toes in the Pacific Ocean.  Roman is a total water baby so he enjoyed every moment by the water. The ocean was a bit cold though so we didn’t really play in the water much more than that. Roman also got to enjoy his very first outdoor park swing and I have never seen this child happier! I can’t wait to start taking him to the park by home once the weather gets a bit better. We also rented out some bikes and that was super fun too!


So this was one thing Cody and I weren’t too sure about because I thought Roman is a bit too young to even understand what the park is about. However, Cody read online and so many people recommended taking babies to Disneyland and said there would be tons to do with them. Disneyland is expensive if you haven’t figured that out yet lol. Babies get in free which is the only great thing about taking a baby because if they don’t like it you don’t really waste any money on them and hopefully you as the adult still get to enjoy yourself at the park. To be honest we had a really fun time finding the perfect Mickey hats and Minnie ears, and personalizing Roman’s Mickey hat with his name on it. $100 later lol, we walked around the park and it really does get quite overwhelming. There are people and kids everywhere. You can rent a stroller or bring your own but we just brought a carrier for Roman because we already knew he wouldn’t sit still in a stroller anyways. Roman loved taking pictures with the characters and grabbed Mickey by the nose. It was so fun seeing how excited he got to see Mickey and Goofy!

Cody also bought a fast pass so we could skip the lines and so we did the Buzz Lightyear ride which was for all ages. Trust me you guys, this is not for all ages. Roman was soo terrified. This ride was dark, extremely loud, and DEFINITELY not for a baby. I was so upset because that really put him in a bad mood for a little while after and it was hard to get him to feel better after that. This was the only ride we went on so the fast pass was a huge waste of money but we just couldn’t find any other rides that would be baby friendly.

One really awesome thing about the park is that they have a baby changing station which made it so comfortable and convenient for both Cody and I to be able to go in and change him. We later got some lunch, the fries were delicious and Cody got a funnel cake which finally fulfilled his craving he’s had for months now. We got some really cute pictures from Disney and really had a fun time, however personally I will never bring a child under 1 to the park with me again!

The Butcher’s Daughter

The cutest little breakfast spot with all vegetarian & some vegan options. Here I had the best avocado toast of my entire life. I still am thinking about it today and am kind of drooling right now haha.

Beverly Hills

Of course we had to show Romie all about that 90210 zip code. We shopped a little on Rodeo Dr. took many photos and ate breakfast at The Farm in Beverly Hills, where we’ve gone in the past. Last time when we went we saw Mika Kunis & Ashton Kutcher with their families walk right by us. This time we saw Christian Navarro and his girlfriend whom were waiting on a table (our table actually) with their cute little pup. As we were leaving they told us that Roman was so cute! I was pretty star struck and they probably thought I was a total weirdo but hey whatevs.   

Little Ruby’s

We tried Impossible burgers for the first time!! So basically they are these “fake” burgers super popular in LA and omg they are amazing!! We ate at this place called Little Ruby’s and it’s so cute there. The burger was phenomenal I actually liked it wayyyyy better than a real meat burger.  Cody even ate it and said it was good and he is the biggest meat eater I’ve ever known lol. Roman had some baby puff snacks in case you’re wondering lol.

Santa Monica

We watched the sunset at the Santa Monica pier. Omg it was beautiful.  Sunsets in California are possibly the most amazing sunsets ever. I fall in love with them every single time. You know my blog name actually was inspired by a sunset we watched at a beach down the Pacific Coast Highway 2 years ago!?

The Grove

We went to The Grove and walked around a bit. It was a lot harder this time to walk through the little market they have because we had our stroller and it was super crowded and hard to get through. A lot of things were much more difficult this time with a baby then previous years when we vacationed just us.  We love the Grove though because it just has such an awesome vibe. There are lots of really great stores to shop, tons of little cute places to eat or get desserts at, and the weather is amazing so that doesn’t hurt being in an outside mall.


This is probably my favorite place in California besides San Diego. Malibu is just sooo beautiful I could cry lol. We had an amazing brunch at the Malibu Farm which is out on a pier and the views are AMAZING!!! I had my first kale and apple juice and it was so yummy.  I basically got avocado toast every single place I ate breakfast at lol but what else is new right?

LA Museum

Our last stop of the trip was the LA Museum to check out the infamous Urban Light. This was a place we planned to come to for awhile now but somehow always forgot about so we were really exciting to make the stop here this time. If you want the best photos here make sure to come early in the morning before everyone else gets there because it is quite a popular spot. We went Sunday afternoon which was really hard to get a photo without someone photobombing it, but it is what it is lol.

Well guys, that pretty much sums up our trip. We had such a great time on our first trip to California as a family of 3. The flight was better than I had even imagined so if you are planning on flying with your little one for the first time, do not fear, babies actually do really well- the white noise on the plane typically knocks them right out! We can’t wait for future travels with our little one <3


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