{ It’s Roman’s half birthday }


Holy moly you guys, it really is soo hard to believe that my little boy is already 6 months old today.  I’m going to keep this blog post short because if I dont, I’ll probablly get all sorts of emotional as usual lol. So I just wanted to do a little update on the last 6 months of Roman’s life since I kind of have been sucking with the monthly blog updates. At least you still get the monthly pictures (haven’t missed any yet!) woohoo! 

Roman at 6 months

+ Can sit up all by himself 

+ Said mama a couple of times and some other weird words  

+ Loves trying all the new foods. His favorites right now are bananas and sweet potatoes

+ He enjoys drinking water from his sippy cup  

+ Tries to hold his own bottle and has even managed to get through an entire feeding holding the bottle on his own  

+ Has a very loud and powerful voice & loves to use it to yell  

+ Does not sit still for a second, literally always needs to be in motion  

+ Loves dogs  

+ Gets into crawling position but hasn’t crawled yet. He can scoot where he needs to go though and for some reason loves going backwards  

+ Smiles at everyone and the girls at Sephora  know & love him and his cheeks (he’s the center of attention everywhere we go)  

+ Loves when I vacuum and tries to grab for it every time and then just stares at me

+ No teeth yet but we have tons of drool and biting of anything in sight with his gums 

+He’s a chunky little monkey. We don’t know his exact weight yet (he goes to the pediatrician tomorrow) but we are guessing somewhere in the 19-20 pound range

+ Cries when we don’t let him chew on our IPhones

+ Will definitely not let you clip his toe nails or finger nails unless he’s heavily sleeping- the way this boy is always moving you’d chop off a whole limb

+Laughs silently all the time but only laughs out loud when tickled on his belly or lifted high up into the air

+Nicknames since birth- Stinky face, Romie, Wombo (inside joke between the hubby and I) and anything ending in -saurous, stinkasaurous/wombosaurous. He will definitely realize how weird we are in the next few months to come

+Obsessed with Baby Shark. As soon as he hears us say, “Alexa, play baby shark” he starts to jump around in his activity center or in our arms, wiggle his legs and giggle. He also stops doing whatever he’s doing and looks up at the tv because he doesn’t realize where the music is coming from and we used to play it on the tv for him so he already knows. As a matter of fact anytime we ask Alexa anything he gets so excited because he thinks Baby Shark will come on

+ Such a trouble maker but we love him more than anything we ever imagined  

Hope you all enjoy the photos below ( I fixed the letterboard at least 8-10 times).