{ Roman’s first holidays recap // Warning, lots of pictures!}

As I’m writing this blog post Roman is peacefully napping in his crib and I’m just sitting on our comfy couch next to the Christmas tree I secretly never want to take down. Partially because A) I love our tree and I feel like I wont know what to do with the space once it’s gone, and B) I’m too lazy to put all this crap away in all honesty. 

But.. sitting here has got me reminiscing on the holidays, that went by way too fast, and how much fun it was to see Christmas through our little babes eyes.


So, maybe this year Roman was still a bit too young to really get it, but we still had a blast watching him play with all the wrapping paper and grab the boxes from under the tree.  I loved seeing his excitement for every new toy he received and when he would try to reach for the ornaments on the tree. 


Cody and I haven’t really bought too many toys for him besides books, teething toys, and stuffed animals up until this point. The aftermath of Christmas kind of gave me anxiety not going to lie. We now had all these toys I had no idea what to do with and felt like I spent all week after figuring out places for storage and ways to not have our house look like Toys “R” Us. I bought baskets and bins and re-did his closet to store away the crazy colorful toys haha. Yes, I’m one of those people who like the toys to match and blend in with the rest of our house decor. Would you guys be interested in seeing an updated nursery tour and how I store all his toys and stuff!? Let me know! 

We spent Christmas Eve at my grandma’s house as we do every year. Roman had a great time watching the dogs play and everyone talking to him in silly baby voices. Christmas Day we spent with Cody’s family and it was a blast as well! He loved Max the golden retriever and his cousins Azalea and Chris! 

Roman had tons of Christmas outfits to wear so we had a few outfit changes daily (good problem to have I guess). Although Roman enjoyed being around everyone and all the excitement around him, Christmas was very exhausting for all of us. His nap schedule was thrown off so he was extremely tired. It was difficult to put him down for naps with so many people and so many loud conversations happening everywhere. Roman is a pretty good sleeper and noise usually doesn’t wake him up but put 8-10 people in a room yelling across the table, I definitely can’t expect him to sleep long through that. 


For New Year’s Eve Cody and I decided to stay in this year. I was very thrilled about our mutual decision because I really wanted to spend it with my two favorite people, hubs and Romie! We ordered some P.F Chang’s and rented out Night School on Redbox ( so funny, def recommend watching it!) Romie was really tired around 5:30pm and we were hesitant to let him take a nap because we usually avoid letting him take one past 5:30. His bedtime is 7:30-7:45pm now but I figured there was no way we can keep him up for 2 more hours seeing how tired he was. I put him down to sleep and the boy slept all the way up until 2:30am. We fed him when he woke up because he hasn’t ate since like 4ish and he went back to sleep until the morning- 7:30 am. We like to think that was our late Christmas gift from him. As embarrassing as it sounds Cody and I were asleep by 10:30 pm on New Years Eve because #parentlife Yup didn’t even wait til midnight and didn’t really care to either lol. Oh an I had one drink, ONE, and woke up with the biggest migraine of my life.  Signs of old age!? 

The next morning we went to the Original Pancake House because it’s been our New Years Day tradition for a few years now and this was the first year we got to do it with Roman here with us. Everyone loved him there and he seemed to love the attention as well. It was so amazing to get to experience some of our traditions with him this year.

Overall, Romans first Christmas was amazing and I can’t wait for next year to see him truely experience the whole thing with a little more understanding of what’s going on.  


P.S. Guys, Roman can sit up by himself now and says mama!!! Had to share that because duh, he said mama and I’m freakin proud! Daddy is a bit bitter but whatcha gonna do, right!? 

Hope everyone had a beautiful holiday and a great start to the New Year! Thanks so much for following along with our lives, we really appreciate you all! 

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