{ Newborn night-time routine }

newborn night-time routine

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So we got one thing down with this whole parenting thing and that is a nighttime routine with our newborn. I’m pretty proud of us. On the contrary of what everyone always told us about the lack of sleep we will be getting, Cody and I are actually quite rested, or at least as rested as new parents can be.  Maybe we just got really lucky or maybe we started a routine with him early on and it stuck. We have been doing this routine with Roman for a little over a month so here’s a little glimpse into our exciting nights at the Sollis household haha. 

8 PM //  Bath time  

Roman absolutely loves bath time. We always give him his bath before bed because he gets to kick around in the water and splash it all over the place and it also gets him a little more tired. Bath time is also a good way to relax him and get him prepared for a nice calm long sleep. I absolutely love the way he smells after his baths I could just eat him up. I love alternating between Johnson’s CottonTouch newborn wash and the Mustela 2 in 1 cleansing gel. 

After his bath we wrap him up in a towel bring him back to his nursery and that’s when I’ll dry him off completely, lather him up with my favorite Mustela body lotion, put on a clean diaper, and get him into his pjs for the night. 

8:15 PM // Reading time 

We try to read to him every night at least for a few minutes. Cody and I will alternate and sit with him in the nursery on the rocking chair and read books to him. He tends to get a little impatient after a few minutes but sometimes he really seems to enjoy looking at all the colors.  

8:30 PM // Feeding time 

Now we are ready to eat! This is his favorite time of the night, our little chubby babe loves to eat.  We warm up his milk, get his bottle ready, put a bib on him because he is the most messiest eater  I ever did see, and start giving him his bottle.  He usually feeds for about 15-20 minutes. Sometimes he falls asleep mid bottle and doesn’t finish eating.  Other times if he doesn’t fall asleep during the feeding he usually is pretty exhausted and sleepy so once I burp him it’s time to go to sleep.

9 PM // Sleepy time

I give him his favorite blanket place it next to his face and rock him in my arms (either me or Cody, we always take turns). Typically we only have to rock him for 5 minutes-ish and then he is out for the night. We usually keep him in the DocATot in the living room right next to us while we try to catch up on some shows, YouTube videos or a Redbox.  Roman doesn’t mind the noise and sleeps through it all.  Once we are done and ready to go to sleep we move him into his bassinet in our bedroom and go to bed also.  Typically he will sleep through the whole night sometimes until 5 or 6 AM if we are that lucky. 


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Well that’s our night-time routine in a nutshell! We  don’t really have a day time routine yet, we kind of just wing it which I’m totally okay with that for now.

Let me know what your night-time routine looks like and if you have one!