{ Romans first and second months of life update }

You guys, my baby is 3 months already and I  cannot believe it. Although it is really sad seeing him grow out of a lot of his outfits and pjs, it really is getting more fun hanging out with him . I can listen to him coo and baby talk all day. He is getting so strong and already holding his head up on his own for really long periods of time. From the very first day we met him we knew he was a strong little guy and brave as can be. I  was so worried about his one and two month shots I  couldn’t even sleep. I  had his daddy take him because I didn’t want to start crying ( just a bit embarrassing I would think). Roman did so well and just cried a little. I  worried for a fever or soreness but he was back to his normal self right away. He continued kicking his legs around and smiling at everyone. He slept through the entire night and woke up a happy baby. That’s my boy!

His first month home was definitely a “learn as you go” and “just wing it”  type of month. Truthfully, Cody and I had no idea what to do and how to tell what the baby wanted. We feared putting him to bed if he didn’t burp after his feeding, we took turns on who gets to sleep and who stays up guarding the bassinet, and of course didn’t allow anyone to touch him without washing their hands first (I still don’t).  I  mean it was all new to us.  We thought we were ready for a baby when we tried for one, but man, I don’t know if you ever really can be ready! Through all the challenges we were faced with and $$ spent running to the ER for no reason in the middle of the night because we just weren’t sure if our baby was okay, we learned to take it easier and slow down a little bit. It’s so true when people say your first child you worry about everything, keep them in a bubble, but by the second or third you’re passing your kid of to strangers to hold with dirty hands and you don’t even think twice. Do any of you with more than one child find this to be true??

His first month was also a little tough because I  was still very emotional as I have talked about before in previous posts. The “baby blues” hit me hard and I  couldn’t get myself together for a little bit. Once that passed I started to really enjoy every moment. I  think the hardest things is the first couple of weeks when the days just seem to pass so fast and you’re counting how many days old your baby is now and it just kind of hits you that they are getting older each and every day. Then you start thinking about him finding a girlfriend one day and going to prom, leaving you for college, getting married and now he doesn’t want smooches from his mama anymore. Ahh okay let’s not think about that right now lol.

Going into his two months was a lot of fun. Roman started to get a lot more interactive with his toys, with faces and colors around him. He had his first smile at two months and really started to baby talk. He loves to be held front facing so he can be carried around and look at everything- which kills my wrists from holding this chunky boy. Right now he is amazed with the mirror in his room, but not the actual mirror the mirror frame… no idea why. He smiles at it the whole time I  change his diaper. He loves the squeak his Sophie the giraffe makes and when we make funny sounds with our mouth. Tummy time is usually a big hit with him too. I  like to lay him down on a soft yoga mat with a blanket under him in front of a mirror. Every time he picks his head up he can see himself and he loves to talk to his reflection. He smiles so much now and it seriously warms my heart, even at 4 or 5 in the morning when I’m changing his diaper. The other night during bath time he was smiling at us and laughing out loud I literally started to cry because it was so frickken cute. Is that weird? I think Cody thought it was weird lol. But hey, these are moments I want to cherish and hold onto forever.

I can’t wait to see what months 3 & 4 will bring and how much smarter he will continue to get. This boy makes my arms feel like they are going to fall off and keeping my home clean a bit of a challenge, but I  wouldn’t have it any other way, except maybe a cup of hot coffee would be nice too, but you get it..

Let me know in the comments, do you think I’m going to be a helicopter mom? Something tells me I might… Oh well ;)


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