{ A look inside Roman’s nursery }

Hi guys! I know I’ve been super MIA lately and haven’t posted much on my blog and I appologize for that. Things have been a little crazy lately. We’ve had some ups and some downs the past couple of weeks but I’m jumping back into blogging and hopefully will have some fun content for you guys to read soon! 

Today I wanted to share with you guys a look into our baby nursery. I was going to wait until baby Ro’s arrival but he’s running a little late lol so I’ll share it with you guys now. There are still some things I need to add and figure out but I’m kind of waiting until he arrives to see what will work best for us before I start buying a million more things. As of right now I believe the setup we have will work for us but it may change once we see how things go when the baby is actually here. I know he technically won’t be sleeping in his crib for a little while, we do have a bassinet for him in our bedroom meanwhile, but I still wanted his crib to be ready for him when he got here. 


As you guys see I wanted his nursery to be something to still match well with the rest of our house and I didn't want it to be too childish but obviously to still be cute enough for a baby. 

Cody helped me choose the crib. I was stuck between white or this navy color. The navy was Cody's choice and I am so happy we went with that color. I think it is super classy and modern and fits perfectly for a little boy. This crib is also convertible so it will last us a long time. I ordered it from Wayfair if you’re wondering. 

I also decided to go with a wipeable changing pad instead of a normal foam one that you have to buy covers for and throw in the wash every time it gets dirty. This one I picked out is great because all you do is just wipe it down and it's good to go. I read a lot of reviews prior and many people recommended it and said it's super comfy for their babies. 

Cody being the tech savvy guy he is was obviously super excited to shop for a baby monitor. We came across this one by a brand called Nanit at Buy Buy Baby and it looked like they had just released it recently. We watched a video on it and read up online and it just seemed like the perfect monitor for us. I also love how sleek it looks and that I can see what's going on in his crib on my phone even when I'm at work. 

The rocking chair is one of my favorite pieces of furniture in his room. I knew I wanted a chair like that for awhile and I kept seeing it at Pottery Barn for almost $1000! I found ours for under $300 at Hayneedle

I love how the bookshelves turned out. I knew I wanted some floating shelves and we got ours at Ikea. They are super cheap and work really great for so many things. I love having them right next to the rocking chair because that is where I plan on sitting and reading stories to little Romie. 

My changing table is actually a bookcase from Ikea that we used in our last apartment as a tv stand. I ordered some cute bins on Amazon and turned it into a changing table. I decided to keep some pjs, socks, mitts and hats, wipes, and diapers in the bins for easy access. Once I see what works best for me I might rearrange stuff or add more useful things into the bins but for now I think it's a good start. 

If there is anything else you are wondering about where it's from or have any questions leave a comment below or comment on my recent instagram post and I'll let you know!! 

Hope you guys enjoyed this post, hopefully soon you will be seeing lots of baby Roman in there.