{ First week with a newborn }


Omg how has it already been a week since my little Romie was born?? As I am writing this he is one week old, you’re reading this at two weeks-noooo sad face. This first week was the longest and shortest week of our lives. Days seemed long and nights even longer yet day by day was passing and my little guy was getting older by the minute. It’s such a bittersweet feeling. He’s already had his first doctors visit and he is healthy as can be, for that I am so grateful. 


All these hormones are making me feel like a crazy person. I cry when I’m happy I cry when I’m sad. Everything basically makes me cry. Sometimes I just stare at him because he’s so dang cute and I just cry and can’t believe we have created this perfect little baby. The first week home has had its challenges and Cody and I were quickly put to the test trying to figure out how to do this parenting thing. If you have read my birth story, you know I had a c-section and recovery has been really rough, therefore Cody has had to step in and take care of Roman 90% of the time. I quickly realized that Cody was born to be a dad and he seriously is a natural at this whole thing. I cannot even put into words how much he has been helping me out. 


Between all the diaper changes every 20 minutes, burping the little guy, dressing him, cleaning up the house and taking care of me too I have to say my husband is an angel.  I have been trying to push myself as much as I can to help him out too but my incision has been causing me so much discomfort and I’m supposed to be resting but I never really listen even though I should. Not being able to do anything and not being able to help Cody out has been making me really sad. I hate seeing him so tired and not being able to lend him a hand.  I love being independent and getting things done myself  so this whole bed rest thing has been such a challenge for me mentally.  

This first week we realized a lot about our son. He’s very jumpy when he sleeps just like his daddy,  and he is constantly hungry just like both of his parents. He’s a curious little guy and is always looking around the room at everything. He absolutely loves his DockATot and we wouldn’t be able to live without it. He loves car rides and being in his car seat. He falls asleep in the car almost instantly which is very similar to me, I love sleeping on car rides. We also realized the name we picked for him is the most suitable name, Roman- meaning strong and powerful. Let me tell you this boy is strong as heck. At two days old he was holding his own pacifier and grabbing my fingers tightly. When the doctors tested his reflexes he lifts himself up immediately, even they were surprised.  Between 3-4 days old he already rolled over to his side all on his own. When we try to do some tummy time for a few minutes he lifts his head up and moves it from one side to the other. 


This baby makes us laugh so much all day and cry at night when he steals all of our sleep.  Sometimes he sleeps great at night and some days not so much. He loves sleeping for like a million hours all day long but when night time comes for some reason he loves to be wide awake.  We are still trying to figure this whole thing out and see what’s making him so confused about sleeping at night. Other than that he is the best baby ever. Cody and I have so much fun taking pictures of him and dressing him up. I swear my whole camera roll is suddenly all pictures of him- I just dont want to miss a thing.  *UPDATE* Since writing this post we have figured out a schedule that works for us and Roman and he has been sleeping great through the night and so have we! 


As far as my recovery I am still working on getting better. I have been able to leave the house a couple times already which has been great because I’ve felt so trapped inside for so many days it’s almost been depressing.  My incision seems to be healing well but it still burns when I sit and stand up or laugh. Of course suddenly everything Cody says makes me laugh which then makes me cry because the pain is sooo bad. I learned to do this weird chuckle instead but then Cody makes fun of me for it and I start to laugh again.  My body is still not back to normal and I didnt expect it to be this soon but that’s been hard dealing with also. My belly/ incision area are still very swollen and I still look a few months pregnant. It’s been really tough looking at myself in the mirror but I know I have to give myself some time, I did just have a major surgery.  

Overall the first week was tough and full of challenges and googling millions of questions but it was one amazing week with the sweetest little boy ever. I’m excited to see what the next weeks will bring and continue snuggling my little baby while I still can! 

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