{ Saying goodbye to the second trimester }


Today I am 30 weeks pregnant which means only 10 more weeks to go!! Woah. We are officially done with the second trimester and the third one has begun! I wanted to take some time and reminisce on my pregnancy in the second trimester. 


First of all, I thought my belly was big at 13ish weeks hahaha, jokes on me, I don't even think I had a bump yet lol. My belly has definitely taken over my body by now and I know it’ll probably only get worse the next few weeks until baby’s arrival. Overall I have been feeling great with the exception of heartburn which I’ve struggled with even before getting pregnant.  My heartburn has definitely gotten worse throughout the pregnancy and sometimes I even joke that water and air give me heartburn.  There is literally nothing that doesn’t give me heartburn these days.  

Everyone always asks so are you craving lots of crazy stuff !? And my reply has always been, nope, nothing out of the ordinary.  I’ve always been a random food kind of eater. When I see someone post a picture of food on Snapchat or Instagram and it looks really good, then I’ll usually want it but to actually really crave something out of the blue, I haven’t really experienced that. One thing I have been eating much more often than normal, pancakes.  I usually only eat pancakes about twice a year. New Year’s Day Cody and I have a tradition and we always go to the Original Pancake House and get pancakes. Other than that day I don’t ever really eat them. During the second trimester I’ve probably had made/ordered pancakes 5-6 times and they’ve been delicious, so I would say that’s been my only craving. 


Towards the last couple of weeks of the second trimester I really started to want more sweets in contrary to the first trimester where I only liked saltier snacks like chips. Baby loves when I eat sweets and he shows me by kicking and moving around a ton in my stomach!! 

Second trimester I realized nothing fits me and maternity clothes were starting to become necessary. I ordered multiple orders from boohoo and other maternity stores. I’ve been trying to play around with my current clothes and mixing it up with the new maternity clothes I bought. I really have been loving wearing kimonos! Unfortunately the weather has been so terrible and just last week, did we seriously get snow, IN APRIL!?  I have tons of cute things I’m dying to wear from PinkBlush and boohoo that I can’t really wear until better weather comes around.   

My sleep has been good, I know so many people always ask me about this. I’m still able to somehow get comfortable and sleep through the whole night, most nights.  I haven’t purchased a pregnancy pillow even though I for sure thought I would.  If your pregnant, I would recommend waiting until you really know that you need the pillow. I asked for the pillow this past Christmas but I ended up changing my mind on it and I’m glad I did because it hasn’t been necessary for me at all. You can also just put normal pillows between your legs and under your stomach and that will do the job too if you need it. 

Cody and I are getting extremely nervous and excited with the weeks getting so much closer to his arrival! We ordered his crib, a rocking chair and a rug for his room.  I am so excited to finish decorating his nursery and show you guys.  I haven’t started packing our hospital bag yet but that is on the list to do very soon! Maybe I’ll even do a “what’s in my hospital bag” blog post if anyone would want to see that. 


I hear the third trimester always feels like it has 1009889033 weeks in it and I really hope that won’t be true because we are so excited to meet this little guy, we don’t want to wait any longer!! This concludes my second trimester! Let’s hope the last one goes quick and he doesn't make us wait past his due date! 


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