{ Pregnancy favorites & Review on maternity clothing}


Okay so quickly, let me just tell you a little story about Cody and I. Before I was pregnant I struggled with bloating almost on a daily basis. Every night before bed, my stomach would turn into a watermelon and we always joked around how I looked 30 weeks pregnant. We would stand in front of a mirror and just imagine what it'll be like when one day all my food babies would actually be replaced by a real baby. Even then just being bloated, Cody was amazing and always said " you're going to be such a cute pregnant woman". I knew he would be the most amazing support when we actually got pregnant and I was right!  Now we look back and think about all the times we pretended we were pregnant and sent snapchats to our friends trying to prank them because my bloating looked pretty real! Crazy how this is us now with a real actual baby on the way!! 


Prenatals- The ones I've been taking since my very first doctors visit have been the Rainbow Light brand.  I usually pick up the 30 day supply from Target or Amazon. I get the package that comes with the prenatals and the DHA. These have been making me feel so healthy and keeping our little boy healthy too. I notice my nails are really strong from them and grow extra fast. As far as my hair growth, I think it's grown some, but I mainly notice it is thicker and healthier than before. One thing I have to say about these is, if you are not good at swallowing pills, these are not for you. I usually can swallow 3-4 pills at a time and sometimes I struggle swallowing even one of these down. They are very big and the prenatal is very dry. 


Pregnancy tea- It's no surprise that I love tea! I saw this one at Target and had to pick it up. I love trying out new flavors. This one tastes kind of gingery but it's still enjoyable. If you suffer from morning sickness, I know ginger tends to help with that so this tea may be a really good option for you. 


Bio Oil- this was recommended to me by my best friend Yaritza. She said she used it when she was pregnant and she loved it. I went out and got a bottle and I'm glad I did! Thanks Yari!! I use this every night before bed and after I shower. It's not too greasy of an oil and smells pretty nice too. I recently started to mix the oil with a organic body lotion and started to apply this throughout the day as well. I really like the combination for day time because it's even less oily mixed with a lotion and your belly will feel so nice and soft afterwards! 


Unlined bras- Cody and I hit up Victoria's Secret during their semi annual sale and what Cody likes to say is that he found me "the hidden gems". He's right though. I hate shopping sales in stores so I kind of let him get to it and find me some cute stuff in my size. He took this very seriously and even dug in the drawers where he found these "gems". These unlined bras have been so comfortable and fitting really well even with my breast size changing so often. VS bras have always been my go to, possibly because I've worked there for over 4 years, but also because the bras actually are really good. I knew I wanted comfy bras but I didn't want to give up on the cute prints and lace. Cody really did find me some great options and best part was they were all on sale for under $20, score!! 


Honestly besides having to give up on jeans I really haven't had a need for purchasing maternity clothes, but that hasn't stopped me from still shopping online and trying out some styles.  Motherhood Maternity had a really big sale a few weeks ago so I decided to place an order online for a bunch of maternity jeans. I ordered everything in a size small or a petite small when it was available. When I got my items and tried them on I was really impressed how they looked like normal jean. Besides the elastic belly band, you can't even tell the difference.  The pants were all very comfy and flattering. My only issue with maternity pants and not just these ones from Motherhood Maternity, is that they always seem to slide down and I'm constantly pulling them up! I'm not sure if this is just a size issue or if all maternity bottoms fit this way. I have a pair from Topshop also that I love, but I still have this same  problem with them as well. 

Boohoo is my go to website for clothes. When I realized they carry maternity clothes I was in heaven! The preggers shirt and skirt you guys saw in our gender reveal post was one I purchased from boohoo.com. They have some of the cutest clothing and it always fits so well. I order often from this website because it's so affordable and always up to date on the current trends.  I highly recommend checking out that website, oh and guys, they also carry men's clothing too. 

Overall Motherhood Maternity, boohoo, and Topshop have been my favorite stores to get cute clothing that doesn't look like pregnancy clothing. You can still be stylish and pregnant right?? Keep in mind, you don't have to purchase maternity when your pregnant. A lot of my normal clothes I was able to still incorporate into my "pregnancy wardrobe". I still buy normal clothing I just typically size up. 


Well I really hope you guys enjoyed this post and find it helpful and fun to read! If you too are currently expecting, congrats to you and best of luck to all you mamas out there <3

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