{Revealing our baby’s name }


So to answer everyone's most asked question, yes we do have a name picked out and are finally ready to share it with you guys. 

One of the biggest questions we keep getting,  I’m sure all pregnant couples go through this too, is, did you pick out a name? Of course this is something we have been talking about even before conceiving. Naming a human is kind of a big deal, it’s the way they will be identified for the rest of their life. We didn’t know if we wanted to share the name with people until our baby actually arrived but it’s getting really difficult keeping it in when it’s the most popular question right now. 

The main reason we didn’t want to share the name with everyone yet was because people always have their own opinion and a lot of times don’t know how to be polite about it. We’ve already had people try to tell us what names not to pick because they are too overused or because they personally don’t like it. You just can’t say that to someone who is having a baby and finding a name is already so difficult. Everyone knows someone by a specific name that they associate in a not so great way. There’s always going to be a Bob that you hated or a Tom that was immature and annoying back in grade school. Everyone names their kids for whatever reason they believe that name fits their child. 

We absolutely love the name we chose for our baby boy. It fits us and it’ll definitely fit our little babe. We have put a lot of thought into the name and looked up the specific origins and meanings and we couldn’t be more excited to give him such a strong name. A challenge we also faced with names was making sure that it would be easy to pronounce and say in both English and Polish since we have two different cultures blended together. 

So with that all being said we would like to share with you the name of our little guy. Please don’t feel the need to comment if you don’t like the name. It is the name we have chosen and love so much.

Can’t wait to meet our little boy, Roman Liam Sollis.

"The name Roman is a Biblical baby name. In Biblical the meaning of the name Roman is: Strong; powerful."

"The baby boy name Liam is an Irish derivative of William, 'Uilliam', meaning "resolute protector".

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