{ We're here for the sex! | Gender reveal}

I have to admit when we found out we were pregnant we couldn't freakin wait to find out if we would be having a sweet little baby boy or a little princess. We really didn't care which ever one it would be as long as the baby was healthy.  Of course, with two completely impatient people when we found out that we can learn the sex of the baby at just 13 weeks by a draw of my blood, we jumped right at the opportunity. The test was also really important to us because it would let us know based on the genetics if there were any abnormalities we would need to prepare for and educate ourselves on.  Luckily the results came back and everything looks great with the baby. The gender prediction through a blood test is supposedly the most accurate way to tell the baby's sex so hopefully they are right! We are so in love with this little babe already and he has made my pregnancy so far so enjoyable for us. 

monika sollisComment