{ Letter to baby }

Week 15

Hi little baby, we are so excited to meet you. I've prayed for you for so long and I just keep continuing to pray that you will be healthy and perfect in every single way. I also hope you don't cause me too much pain coming into the world because I must admit, I'm kind of ignoring the fact I have to actually give birth to meet you. I know you will be so strong and kind just like your daddy. Your dad and I already have an idea of who you are but the rest of the world doesn't know it yet so it's our little secret. Today you are 15 weeks and I can't feel you playing around in my belly just yet but I can't wait to feel your little kicks inside. Daddy and I talk to you in my belly even though I'm not sure if you can hear us yet. We already started to buy a few little cute outfits for you because we couldn't wait! We are so excited to see you in these little clothes we picked out for you, you're going to be the cutest little thing around! Little baby I want you to know that you are so loved already and I can't wait to say these things to you when you are physically here with us in a few short months.  Love, mom <3

Week 27

My baby today you have been in my belly for 27 weeks. You now have a name that daddy and I picked out for you. You already have a nickname that we like to use when we talk about you. You kick me all the time and you don't go to easy on me either! We can already tell your going to be a strong boy. Last picture we saw of you, you were making silly faces and had your mouth open. That picture is my favorite of you so far. You move the most in my belly while I am driving in the car, when I eat sweet treats and when I'm trying to go to sleep. We have bought a new home for you and it was really tough with you in my belly, but I think you will love this home as much as we do. So far we have painted your nursery and can't wait to complete it in the next month or two before you come into this world. Daddy has been loving shopping for you and getting you all the coolest little outfits. Let me tell you, you're going to have a shoe collection before you even start walking. Your puppy Cubby loves to lay near my belly protecting you. I really hope you love animals and puppies as much as I do. Everyone is so excited to meet you but hopefully you don't try to come too early. My back hurts a lot and I get heartburn quite often but hopefully that means you will have lots of beautiful hair on your head when you're born. I love you Roman and so does your daddy! 13 more weeks to go my little baby! 

Week 31/32

Hi little Roman. You have been in my belly for almost 32 weeks now. You are the size of a pineapple and almost 4 pounds! I'm not going to lie you, you have really been testing my strength the last few weeks. Your movements have become so much more frequent and with a lot more force. My belly is bouncing up and down every single night and your pushing up against my stomach like your ready to break through my skin. You love moving in the evening time the most, right as I lay back to relax. You're silly and already such a trouble maker. Daddy is always telling you to stop hurting mommy but you refuse to listen and keep kicking those little cute feet around. Although it's not the most comfortable feeling, I will miss it so much once you're not in my belly anymore. You seem to love watermelon just like mommy, every time I have some, it seems to get a reaction from you. I've been feeling your little hiccups and always feel so bad for you, but I know that is your way of practicing your breathing so you can come into the world soon! Your room is just about done, we have little stuffed animals and cool stuff waiting for you here! We even picked out your outfit for coming home from the hospital! There have been days the past few weeks I just wanted this to be over with. I am tired, I have heartburn constantly, I have to pee all the time, my stomach is getting bigger and all my shirts look like crop tops at this point, but I love you so much and I will go through it all as long as it takes for you to be ready to join us here. I can't believe it's just another 8ish weeks until we meet you sweet, little babe. I can't wait to see if you'll look like your daddy or me. Almost there baby!! We got this! 

Week 36

We are at 36 weeks now! You are such a big boy. We went to our doctors appointment today and we got to see you on camera one last time before you arrive! You weigh about 6.9 pounds already! Such a big boy! If you make it inside my belly until your due date you might be close to 9lbs. I’m a little nervous so I’m hoping you come a week or two earlier. We had a baby shower to celebrate you this past weekend. So many of our friends and family came out and you got so spoiled! You are so loved by everyone already. I cant wait to show you all the things you got. Daddy and I just spent the past two hours cutting off tags from your clothes and socks and getting a start on your laundry. We want to make sure everything is washed and clean for your arrival. I’m still feeling pretty good but I’m getting tired a lot quicker now. It’s getting warmer outside so carrying you is becoming a little more uncomfortable too. Everyone is getting so excited to meet you and your daddy has been practicing how to change a diaper on your stuffed elephant. I think you would laugh about it if you were here to see it. We love you so much Romie and are getting extremely anxious to get to meet and hold you finally. We never knew how much we could love someone who isn’t here with us yet but we learned that we can and that we really do! See you in a couple weeks <3 

Week 37

Today we are officially 37 weeks and you are considered a full term baby! I have been feeling very uncomfortable and tons of backpain. We ended up checking into triage because the pain became unbearable. We are currently sitting in a room waiting for a doctor to check my dilation again in 2 hours. Right now we are only 1cm dilated but the contractions are definitely there. Daddy and I are getting so anxious and nervous wondering if you will be joining us shortly. I cannot wait to hold your little body next to mine and bring you home with us. I cannot deny that I am scared but I have been waiting for this moment since forever. As I’m typing this I am in a lot of pain and they won’t let me eat. Heartburn is killing me and I’m really tired. I am so curious if you will come tonight or if we still have to wait a little longer until we can officially meet. For now I’m going to rest as much as I can and hope I keep dilating further. See you soon Romie. *UPDATE  we went home for the night because you weren’t ready just yet to come out but doctors/nurses say there is a very good chance you will be coming this week. I am having contractions every 5 minutes but we are just waiting for more progress! Daddy and I didnt get home until almost 1 am last night and today I am back at work super tired and having contractions still! We really can’t wait for your arrival and hope it’ll be within the next day or so! 

Week 38

We are now 38 weeks and 4 days into this pregnancy. Only 10 more days until your dute date. I really had a feeling you’d be coming early but you are still inside my belly!! I guess you are super comfy in there because I have been trying everything to induce labor naturally and get you to come out! I’ve tried spicy foods, raspberry leaf tea, pineapple, bumpy car rides, pizza, walking a lot, walking up and down stairs, squats and possibly more that I can’t even remember, but you’re still happy inside my belly. Things have been a little tough for our family lately and we really have been counting on you to make your appearance and give us all a little something to be happy about so everyone is crossing their fingers that you will be arriving soon! Mommy has been feeling super tired lately, you are a very heavy and wiggly little boy, you never stop moving! I really hope we get to meet you soon! 

 39 weeks 6 days

Tomorrow is your due date, July 3rd. There is still no sign of meeting you yet. Daddy and I have been getting so impatient and so are both of your grandmas. Everyone kept saying that you will come early and daddy and I believed it too. Looks like you are a stubborn little guy and very comfy inside my tummy. I’m getting extremely uncomfortable and hot and your kicks are starting to hurt me sometimes. I’m constantly tired and my belly is getting too heavy for me to carry, I can’t even make it through Target without huffing and puffing lol! We can’t wait to finally hold you in our arms and get to see your cute little face. Our family really hopes the joy you bring us will make up for the dark times we experienced last week.  Today we are going to the doctor for our (hopefully) last visit. We will be checking on you to make sure your environment is safe for you to stay in there a little longer or if we will have to induce and get you out of there a little quicker. I’m hoping the next time I write on here you will be in my arms already. Love you baby! 

Week 40 and 3 days 

Today we are 3 days past our due date and you are still in my belly. We had our final doctor's appointment and got to listen to your heartbeat. Of course you got hiccups and were moving like crazy. Everyone was laughing because you're such a silly and active baby and you absolutely love being on mommy's right side of the belly. We set up an appointment at the hospital for induction for Sunday night which means that you will finally be here with us Monday! Daddy and I are so excited. I'm feeling really nervous but I also have been waiting for this for so long and I cannot wait to meet you. I can't believe this is officially the last weekend daddy and I have together before you make us a family of three. 

July 9, 2018 

Welcome to the world Roman Liam Sollis  

7:26 PM  

8 pounds 12 oz 

19 1/2 inches tall 


Birth story to follow...