{My top 5 beauty favorites for spring + Night time skin care routine }


Okay, let’s talk about the fact that it’s finally spring!! Gosh I feel like I’ve been waiting for this since last summer. What’s even more exciting is all the fun beauty goodies that I’m ready to bring out and put into use now that the temps are warming up. 



I am absolutely loving the Supergoop Unseen screen spf 40. This stuff is so amazing and let me tell you why. So first of all it come so out totally clear, not white and chalky like most sunscreens are. It has no scent to it which is sooo good. And my favorite part of all, it doubles as the best primer to go under your foundation ever!! I am literally blown away by the results of this. It blurs my skin and holds my makeup in place looking flawless all day.

Under eye cream/eye mist  


Okay, so obviously I’m a mom and sleep is not really in my vocabulary anymore therefore I look for anything to help me look more awake.  I like for something to make  me look like I got it all together even though sometimes I pour orange juice into my coffee in the morning instead of almond milk because I’m that exhausted. I’ve worked with VIICode a few months back and told you guys about the under eye patches that I loved for dark circles and tired eyes. Well to change it up a bit I’ve actually been trying out their under eye cream and making that be a part of my nightly routine. 


The T2 Oxygen Eye Cream is SO moisturizing it really feels so good once you apply it. My skin looked ahhmazing in the morning after using it for about a week and my under eye area looked plumped, glowing, and most importantly totally awake! Yay for fake it till you make it right!? Haha 😂  

So, personally I’ve never tried an eye spray before, nor have I even heard of it before, but I gotta say, this little thing sure is cool! I spray my eye area with the Oxygen hydrating eye spray on the mornings I really need a little extra help, before applying my makeup, and it is just such a nice refreshing feeling that makes my eye area feel really moisturized. It’s a really fun little thing to add to your skincare collection that really does make a difference for tired eyes! 


Benefits of the Oxygen hydrating eye spray 

  • Relieves the depression and exhaustion caused by stress of life

  • Rejuvenate the young eyes

  • Tighten

  • Maintain skin moisture

  • Reduce the appearance of wrinkles


So I typically am not a huge fan of Chanel perfume but I recently bought one for my mom for her birthday because she’s always big a fan of N°5. The one I bought for her is totally different than the one she was used to wearing. It’s more of a floral, summery scent and I am kind of obsessed! Coco Mademoiselle is such a perfect and beautiful scent for the summer. I didn’t get it for myself yet but it’s definitely one I’ll be going back for because I am really impressed. Until then I’ll just keep stealing a few spritz here and there from my mom haha! 

nail polish  


So I have always been a fan of OPI nail polishes and even though I rarely paint my own fingernails I do usually paint my toes at home! Most of the time I just got for white polishes but I thought I’d go a little bit crazy for the spring and change it up a bit. My favorite go to colors right now are the perfect shades of pink, Strawberry Margarita-the darkest of the pinks,  Suzy Nails New Orleans-a brighter pink, and my absolute fave, a super pale pink- Lisbon Wants Moor


Recently on Instagram I talked about this sample box I recieved from PINCHMe and in that box was a little sample of the Native deodorant. I was a bit skeptical because I’ve used one before that was aluminum free but it just didn’t seem to work as well as it claimed. I got a bunch of DMs on my Instagram after talking about the deodorant sample and you guys were all telling me how much you love it and how I will too. Well chicas you were right, this stuff is fantastic! I’m always running around chasing after my crazy baby and sometimes I can break a bit of a sweat. I really do feel like this deo works well. It keeps the sweat at bay and also doesn’t make me stink like some of the other ones did. I definitely am going to be making the switch from my regular deodorant to this one because not only is it safer than they ones I’ve been using in the past with aluminum but it also works well and smells like coconuts 🥥. What more can a girl want!? 

Quick video of my night time routine

Products Used:

Makeup wipes from Costco // BIORÉ Travel Size Charcoal Cleansing Micellar Water // ORIGINS Dr. Andrew Weil For Origins™ Mega-Mushroom Relief & Resilience Advanced Face Serum // T2 OXYGEN EYE CREAM // SUMMER FRIDAYS Jet Lag Mask

 Kay, that’s all I got for ya today. I really hope you enjoyed this post and are also excited about switching up your skin care/beauty products up for the spring & summer time! Let me know what your spring/summer must haves are and if you have tried any of the products I’ve mentioned above! I’d love to know your thoughts 💭 

Thank you to VIICode for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own and I only share what I truly love and use! 



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