{ My experience and tips for ordering from Shein }


As you can tell by the title I recently placed an order with Shein because as you may know, they have the cutest and most inexpensive fashion finds! I have been seeing a lot of other girls on instagram wearing outfits they said they purchased from Shein so I decided to give it a try myself.  If you don’t know what Shein is, it’s basically an online store based in China and everything they sell is like 50-70% off what you would normally pay at the mall. They sell just about everything on their website so they have tons to choose from and a lot of their things come in multiple color options which is really awesome. This post isn’t sponsored btw I just had some requests from you guys asking me to do a little review about it so I hope you guys enjoy and find this helpful.

Tip #1 - Read the reviews! This will help you determine quality, sizing, and any other types of questions you might have. Ordering online is hard as it is because you never really know what you’re getting but ordering something for $10 from China, that’s really taking a gamble! Everything I purchased I  read the reviews for it before adding to my cart. Sometimes girls shared photos in their reviews wearing the outfits they purchased so you really get to see what it’ll look like on a real person and not a posed model on the website.

Tip #2 - Start with a few pieces before ordering $200 worth of stuff. I wasn’t really sure how the quality or sizing of the clothing would actually be once I received my items so I decided to do a test order and just get a few pieces that had good reviews and looked cute on the girls who shared their pictures in the review. There is a good chance that if you order 5-10 pieces 2-3 of those items may end up being total garbage unfortunately. Start with a few pieces to get a feel of their sizing and then you will have a easier time shopping the next time around.

Tip #3- Size up most of the time. I am generally a size small in most of my clothes but when I order anything from China I make sure to order it one size bigger. Typically I noticed clothing from China likes to run a little bit smaller than the clothing we are used to in the US. From my experience with this current order, I  am very happy with the size medium in almost all of my tops. I only had an issue with one of the items I purchased in a medium and that is because I didn’t consider it was already an oversized fit and I should have bought it in my true size.

Shipping- I  know many of you guys are also curious about the shipping and how long it takes to get to you. For me, I was shocked at how fast this international order arrived at my front door. Unfortunately I cannot find my email to see when exactly I placed my order but I can assure you it was no longer than a week from the day I submitted the order online.

My overall thoughts/ Recap

I  personally could not be happier with all the things I purchased from Shein. I spent less than $60 on 5 items with shipping and received my order within a week! The reviews on the website are extremely helpful and if people provided photos that helps even more. The quality of everything was also great. All my sweaters felt thick and extremely soft. Of course these are not pieces that are meant to last you a lifetime, however, if you are someone who loves to keep up with the current trends and try new fashion this is a great place to shop because you can keep up with all the seasonal trends and not break the bank while doing it. Shein is also a really great option for any fashion bloggers who are just starting out because being a fashion blogger can get really expensive but this is a great way to look cute and stylish and not feel guilty about it at the same time!

Oh and one more thing to add, I have Never ordered shoes or bottoms for Shein so I’m not sure what to expect as far as quality and how sizing would go but if you refer to my tips and read the reviews I’m sure that’ll help figure out whether it’s worth purchasing or not.  

Hopefully you guys found this post to be helpful and enjoyed reading about my experience shopping with Shein! 

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