{ Secret to looking cute postpartum }

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Some of you may know that the good times have come to an end for me and I am back to work again. Although no one ever wants to leave their newborn after just a few short months of maternity leave, going back to work can also help a little bit with your sanity. Don’t get me wrong I miss the little nugget more than you know but working a few hours a week and having my husband spend quality time with the baby during those days isn’t so bad either.  

While I was on maternity leave I promised myself I will never allow myself to look as bad as I felt during my c-section recovery. Even if I couldn’t manage to get up to pee I still committed to doing my makeup and hair each day. That’s dedication, no? Getting dressed on the other hand was really tough mainly because nothing could touch my incision or I would probably pass out from pain.  The one thing I basically lived in the entire time I was recovering was my PinkBlush robe. Normally when you think, so you wore a robe everyday and claim to have looked cute, you wouldn’t believe, but this robe is different! 

pinkblush robe

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The robes from PinkBlush have the prettiest colors  and prints and sometimes I wish I could wear them outside the house too. Not only are they so soft which were a lifesaver postpartum, but they helped me look cute and feminine even when I felt my worst.  Recently I had a chance to get a brand new one, lord knows I needed it considering how many washes that poor thing has already gone through. My new robe is even cuter than my first one! Even though this robe is labeled as a maternity / delivery robe, all of Pink Blush clothing work for before, during, and after your pregnancy. This one is soft and pink and everything I could ask for in a robe. Even though now I can wear normal clothes like jeans again, I still change right into my robe as soon as I get home. 

You know how when you look crappy you feel crappy too? Well that’s what I needed to avoid postpartum. There were already so many things going on in my brain that feeling self conscious or “ugly” wasn’t something I wanted to worry about.  This is the same time I learned to do my makeup in less than 15 minutes compared to my usual half hour-ish session. I also figured out a way to go longer in between washing my hair and decided cutting my hair would also help me look polished with less time and effort. 

Looking cute all depends on your perception, you don’t have to be in jeans and heels everyday. You could be comfortable in your loungewear, pjs, or PinkBlush robe and still look like a million bucks. My main advice is, don’t neglect yourself after the baby comes, self-care is even more important now than ever before. Take the time to pull yourself together and in return you will feel so much better too. I also promise you that this super cute

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Thank you to PinkBlush for gifting me this robe in exchange for an honest review.

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