{ I dressed my husband for date night | Konifer wooden watch review }

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Ladies, what is more satisfying than getting to pick out exactly what your man should wear for date night? Cody has pretty good style so I can’t really complain, but sometimes I want to switch up his everyday streetwear for a nice jean and fall sweater kinda look. Today I decided to show you guys how I styled my hubby for a casual fall date night and what accessory and cologne I think is a must have for all men.

My first pick was this really nice cozy sweater in a burnt orange color which I think looks so good on him and is also perfect for a cooler fall night. I decided to pair it with some tan moto jeans that are casual but look really clean on him. For shoes, I decided to go with a classic pair of black Vans with the brown soles to tie the look together. As far as accessories go, every men’s outfit needs a watch! I think watches look so good on men and this Konifer wooden watch really pulls this look together. I love the natural wood colors, as well as the size of the watch. I feel like men should always wear big watches! Now of course we have to top it off with some smell goods, and my favorite cologne that Cody owns is this Mr. Burberry Indigo. Yum!

Im sure you guys are curious to know what Cody thinks of the outfit I picked out for him right?? Okay, this is what he said, “ I would’ve dressed myself better, but it’s pretty nice I guess…”. Haha, means I did a good job. I also asked Cody to help me put together a little review of the wooden watch that was gifted to us from Konifer, so now I’ll share that with you.

First thing that Cody noticed about the watch was that it is a really beautiful watch. He also loved the oversized look of it and the colors of the wood. However, he wasn't too fond of the fact that the watch felt very light which made him wonder how long a watch like this would actually last so I told him that all their watches are backed with a 5 year warranty!! Awesome right? Another thing that stood out to us, we are both huge on packaging and weren’t really too impressed with the box such a beautiful watch came with. Other than that this watch really is a showstopper and he’s had a few people even ask him about the watch while we were out at dinner in the city. What’s really cool about the company is not only do they ship for free all over the world, they also plant 1 tree for every 1 watch that is purchased, now seriously, how amazing is that?

Honestly I think you guys would love this watch too, and if a watch isn’t your thing they also have beautiful wooden rings, leather bracelets, and of course ladies, theres many options there for us as well!

Hope you enjoyed this post and thank you to Konifer for gifting us this beautiful watch in exchange for our honest opinion.

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