{ Smile Brilliant whitening kit review ft. my hubby | Before & After photos }


Today is a really exciting post for me because I get to work on it together with my hubby! About a month ago I had a company that you may have heard of before called Smile Brilliant reach out to me asking if I would like to try out their product in return for an honest blog review. Of course I agreed because teeth whitening really excites me and I am always in the market for products that will make my teeth look their best. I mean seriously who doesn't want white, sparkling teeth? Unfortunately, I was bummed when I asked my OB if whitening my teeth was safe while nursing and she said just to be safe she'd recommend holding off on it. Luckily for my husband, the company was sweet and let him test the product out instead since I couldn't. With that being said, I'm now passing off my computer to the hubs to give you his full review of what he honestly thought of the product, the company, and if it actually works!

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Hi everyone! For those who don't know me well, my name is Cody, I'm 25 years old. Monika and I met in high school in 2009, got engaged in 2015 and now been married for two years. I'm sure you know this if you've been following Monika's blog and instagram, but I am now a dad to a two month old baby boy! I run an online clothing business, Blue Expression and am really passionate about that. Most of the time I'm spending the days working my full time job, taking care of our son, or designing merchandise for my business. I've always hated smiling because I never really liked my teeth so when Monika was reached out to by Smile Brilliant and told me she couldn't do it but that they would let me try it out I got super excited! Of course I felt bad she couldn't do it but I was secretly really happy because I've been wanting to get my teeth professionally whitened for a little while now, I just never am able to find the time... especially these days with a newborn at home which is why this system from Smile Brilliant is perfect for someone like me. 


First of all when you order your whitening system you will be sent two impression trays and material to create a mold of your teeth. This only takes about 15 minutes to do so it's really quick and easy to do and you can do it right at home. Smile Brilliant covers postage between you and the lab so there is nothing extra you have to pay when sending your impressions in to the lab. Once the lab receives your impressions they will create a custom-fit tray modeling your teeth. What's really cool is that it's basically the same experience you would be getting at the dentist office but you get to do this at home on your own time. I usually like to do mine at the end of the day right before bed. The reason why I do it before bed is because you're not supposed to drink or eat anything for a little while after so it just makes it easier to go right to sleep and not think about eating. I think it's really awesome that the trays are custom fit to your teeth specifically because I've used other whitening trays in the past and they were super uncomfortable and annoying to do. I always thought that in order to have a teeth whitening experience like this one I would have to go to the dentist office and pay a good amount of money to get the results I was looking for. Smile Brilliant really does make it so easy and it actually really does work ( you'll see in my before and after photos that Monika is making me share lol ) for half the cost. 

Overall I am really impressed with the results of this whitening system. I have used it every night for two weeks straight and after even just the first week I already was noticing a lot of my staining and discoloration starting to fade away. Btw if you drink dark soda like me, you'll have to give that up if you really want to see results and most importantly have the results last. Monika yells at me all the time when I'm thinking about cheating and having a sip of Coke but I know it's for my own good and it'll only mess up my whole process. I am definitely a lot more confident smiling and showing off my teeth now that majority of the staining is gone and my teeth are looking healthy and bright. Monika always says to me that the first thing she notices on other people are their teeth. Hopefully my new pearly whites will impress her ha ha. Seriously though, it's a thumbs up from me on this product! Definitely would recommend it and think it is worth the price. 

Alright guys, thanks for having me on here to give my two cents on this product. I guess now Monika will attach my awkward "before" photo but at least my "after" photo is something I'm more proud to share with you, so don't judge too hard lol. 






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