{ My postpartum favorites }

A few months back I did a pregnancy favorites post sharing items I was loving during my pregnancy, so I thought it would be fun to do a postpartum favorites post sharing just a few things I have really been loving lately.  


One of the main things I'll start out with are these Fenugreek vitamins. I've read a lot of reviews about these online and many women were getting really great milk supply just after a few days of taking these supplements. I ordered mine from Amazon for like $12 and have been using them for a few days now. Honestly, I think they work great and would really recommend them to any nursing mamas out there! Just after two days of using these, I noticed my milk supply was increasing and another day later I was almost doubling what I would normally get. 

I also really like the Mother's Milk tea. I usually drink 1 cup a day either morning or at bedtime. I used the Pregnancy Tea from this company throughout my pregnancy so now I gave the Mother's Milk a try. I feel like between the tea and the Fenugreek my milk supply has been increasing and both these products have been making a big difference. Thumbs up for both of these products! 

Body Care 

Recently I decided to give dry brushing a try after hearing Alex Garza talk about doing it in her Youtube video.  It is a little painful at first but your skin feels great afterwards and it gets less painful after a few times. This brush by EcoTools I really love because it's not too rough and also fits really well in your hand and is easy to use. Dry brushing helps with exfoliating and detoxify your skin. Dry brushing is also said to help get rid of cellulite and tighten skin and that is definitely something this girl here needs after having a baby, plus it makes your skin super soft so win win! 

Hair Care 

So one thing that is great while you're pregnant is that your hair typically grows much faster and sometimes thicker and shinier especially if you are taking good prenatal vitamins. However, after giving birth you may experience your hair becoming more brittle and dull and sometimes your hair can even come out in chunks! So far I haven't experienced any hair loss thankfully, however I have noticed my hair is less shiny and looking a little dull. This company, Somerfield, was awesome and sent me a brand new hair mask they have to try out in return for my honest opinion. To be honest I have been saving the hair mask for after the baby so I could give myself a little at home pampering treatment and bring some life back to my hair. First of all this hair mask was very easy to use. The directions on the back of the packaging were very straightforward and made it very simple to understand. After washing my hair I applied the hair mask cap on my head and massaged the pre-filled natural treatment inside into my hair.  The treatment is meant to help nourish, repair and re-hydrate hair.  My first impression was, omg this stuff smells soooo good!! I kept it on my head for 15 minutes and then rinsed it out. Right away my hair felt silky smooth and soft and of course smelling amazing! After drying my hair and styling it, I noticed my hair was super shiny and smooth. My hair felt healthier and even though I am overdue for a hair coloring my hair looked like it was freshly done! You should also know that this brand is cruelty-free and eco-friendly which is a huge plus.

If you want to give these masks a try for yourself you can use my discount code SUNSETSANDBUBBLY10 to save some $$ at checkout!

You can also find this brand on instagram so give them a follow! www.instagram.com/somerfieldbeauty

Skin care   

I remember trying out Aveeno skin care back in high school when I struggled with acne. I also remember really loving the products but being a skin care junkie I always switched it up and changed to other products before I was even able to see results. Recently on a Target trip I decided to give it another go around. So far I am really loving using these products in my new skin care routine morning and night. They smell really great and make my skin feel smooth and soft. I also love how lightweight the moisturizers are and that the daytime lotion also contains a little bit of SPF. Being a new mom I like keeping a simple skin routine because I don't have as much time these days to load on the products on my face and have long, luxurious pampering sessions. What I also like is that Aveeno uses high-quality natural ingredients. That makes me feel good about getting skin to skin with my baby and snuggling him without any harsh ingredients and chemicals getting onto his skin.