{ Beauty & fashion mistakes you need to stop making }

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Not cleaning your makeup brushes regularly


This is such a big deal because there is so much makeup trapped inside your makeup brushes from being used every single day. You might notice your makeup isn't going on as smoothly and it starts to look a little cakey if you haven't cleaned your brush in some time. You also might notice your skin breaking out, this can be the cause of it so clean your brushes! 

Don't use makeup that is clearly the wrong color for you

I am a victim of this one. My favorite eyebrow pencil always seems to be sold out in the shade that I need, the shade I know looks best on me, which is light brunette. I usually end up settling for a shade darker which does not do me any favors. I usually don't even realize how bad it is until I finally get my hands on the right shade and see what my brows are actually supposed to look like. Just don't make the same mistakes as me people. 

Don't go too crazy washing your face

A lot of people, especially those with oily skin,  think that if you wash your face a million times a day your skin will look better, less oily and get less breakouts. This is not true! Coming from someone who has had acne and oily skin most of her life, excessive washing of your face actually causes your oil glands to produce more oil which therefore causes more breakouts! Wash your face with a mild cleanser once in the morning and once before bed to get rid of any extra makeup. 

Don't buy trendy clothes

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So of course we all want to look cute and fit in with all the instagram fashion bloggers, but trendy items only last for a little while. I definitely support you to get one to two things that are current, trendy and stylish, but don't forget about the basics. You can style your basics in so many cute and fashionable ways too. If you have one statement piece such as a particular shoe of the season, pair them with a white tee and your favorite denim and you have a trendy, super chic look just like that! Im wearing a pair of maternity denim shorts that can be dressed in so many ways and they are only $44! 

Don't wear shoes you cant walk in


Nothing is as cringe worthy as watching someone walk in a pair of heels they are just not suited to be walking in. I have an expensive pair of heels that I love so much but every time I wear them I feel like a child wearing her mom's shoes. I cannot walk in this pair of shoes to save my life. I wear heels often when I go out and I don't have any problems walking in heels but sometimes there are shoes that are just too damn challenging. Make sure you can walk in the shoes before you spend a couple hundred dollars on them, that is the moral of the story. 



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