{ Self care during pregnancy }


Before pregnancy I was always someone who would practice good self care.  I would take a nice bath after a long day of work and fill a glass of wine to relax myself. Once a week I would do a face mask and even occasionally apply some self tanner to my super pale winter skin. Once I became pregnant and my body started to change and the stomach started to really round out things became a little more challenging and tiring to do! Today I want to share with you some ways I’ve been making sure I still continue to practice the self care especially now when my body and baby needs it the most. Hopefully some of these tips will be useful for you too (pregnant or not)! 

Make time for a relaxing bath.

Moisturize throughout the day to prevent stretch marks and itchy skin.  

Play soft music for baby and you to both relax.

Get a mani-pedi because let’s face it, you probably can’t reach your toes. 

Get dressed up just to feel good about yourself.  

Take lots of pictures of your growing bump and whatever makes you feel sexy and beautiful. 

Drink some bedtime tea right before you go to sleep to help you sleep better.

Eat clean. Your body will feel a lot better if you eat healthier meals. I try to eat smaller meals more often rather than large meals at once.  

Do your hair and makeup. I know some people are against getting their hair dyed while pregnant but my doctor told me it’d be safe after the first trimester. Getting my hair done made me feel like a new person and that did great for my confidence. 

Turn off your phone and take an uninterrupted nap during the day.  

Read a good motivational book.

Go for a walk with the dog. 

Write a letter to your baby. For me, I like to blog about my pregnancy and even sometimes I type out things I want to say to my baby boy. 

If you have a pregnancy journal, take the time to fill it out and reminisce on your journey so far.


These are all things I have been trying to implement into my self care routine while being pregnant. Now that I’m in the third trimester, things start to feel more real. It is important not to let stress get the best of you, so take care of yourself and the baby. Make sure you find time to do nice things for you because once baby is here you may not have such a luxury for awhile! 


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