{ My brow story + 10 tips on achieving perfect brows at home }

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My brow journey has been a long emotional ride and today I will tell you why.  

I’ve been getting my eye brows done since I was in 5th grade. My mom introduced me to eyebrow threading and I was very intrigued. I saw her going  every month and her brows always looked so pretty, of course I wanted to be just like her. After some fighting and convincing, my parents agreed to let me try it out. OMG it was the most painful thing ever! However, the pain didn’t stop me from going back every month to get my brows touched up- once you start you kind of have to keep up with it. My brows were naturally nice and thick but of course at the time in the early 2000’s thin brows were all the rage. Each appointment my brows started to get thinner and thinner and hair suddenly was starting to go missing in sections I wasn’t okay with. Eventually my brows got so thin there was nothing much I could do anymore and the ladies at the mall refused servicing me as there was nearly no hair left to thread. 

I finally decided to let my brows grow in a bit and gave them a little break. Although my brows were never the same as the virgin brows I once had there was finally some improvement and growth. After high school I decided to pursue my dream of becoming and esthetician and completed a 9 month program at Universal Spa Training Academy in Downers Grove, IL. I really enjoyed my time there until one day there was an incident that kind of scarred me for life. Ready for it? 

So one day we had to practice brow waxing student on student. I was very nervous as it took me years to even get my brows to where they were at that point.  The girl doing my brows was very nervous and quick. She applied the wax to my brow area and then pulled the strip. All I hear is an oh crap! My heart started racing. Wth just happened?! I look in the mirror and my brow is split in half!! I am in such shock I don't know whether to laugh or cry or beat the crap out of her haha... but seriously. I didn’t want to make her feel bad about it and I tried to keep it cool. Our instructor quickly tried to show me some brow makeup tricks I can do until the hair grows back. Up until that day I never filled in my brows. I didn’t really know how nor was it that popular then. That tragedy of losing half my brow honestly was the best thing to happen. I don’t know how I ever went without filling in my brows. So Nicole if your reading this, I forgive you and thank you for making me realize my brows needed  that reality check haha.  

Since that day I now don’t trust anyone touching my brows. Luckily or unluckily my hair doesn’t really grow anymore in the brow area and so I can maintain them myself at home with some tweezers and an occasional waxing around the “unibrow” area. Through the process I have tried out tons of brow products and figured out the shape that works best for my face. I even got a job as an esthetician for Benefit Cosmetics because I was so passionate to help others get over their brow insecurities. Obviously I knew what that felt like. 

Long story short, if I can even say that at this point, I want to share with you guys some of the products I loved the most and still love to this day for my eyebrows as well as share some tips and tricks I’ve learned from my experiences! I hope you enjoy this post! 


Brow Tips 

1. Apply coconut oil or aloe vera to brows to help with hair growth.  

2. Before filling in brush your brows upwards with a clean mascara wand or brow brush.

3. To get a nice brow shape start by lining your brows from the bottom first, this will create a nice shape and makes it easier to follow. 

4. Apply a highlight under your brow to create a clean, defined arch.  

 5. Use waterproof products- especially during the summer time. You don’t want half your eyebrow missing when the heat picks up! 

6. Use slanted tip tweezers. My favorite are by Tweezerman- this is what I used when working at Benefit and I'll never use another tweezer. 

7. Give those brows a light trim once in awhile. This alone helps bring back the shape to your brows. If you plan on trimming your brows I recommend using a curved pair of scissors otherwise you could cut too much! 

8. Do not pluck inside the brow! You do not want to create bald spots inside of your brow. 

9. Use a brow pomade for a more dramatic look and a pencil/brow crayon for a more natural look.

10. Have a professional map out your brows and make sure the shape you currently have suits your face shape. If you need to work on letting your brow hair grow in before you can reshape them, the esthetician will let you know what to do and this will guide you on how to keep up with them yourself at home. 

Brow Products 

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Favorite brow products