{ 5 things I love and don't love about pregnancy}

 { 5 things I love about being pregnant } 

The baby kicks

I love being able to feel this little guy moving around throughout the day. I always thought it would be extremely creepy and it is a bit, but I enjoy the kicks so much. I'm always wondering what he's doing in there and feel bad that he is so squished in my belly! This is one part of pregnancy I know I will definitely miss once he's out of there. 

Napping without being judged 

I love having the excuse of pregnancy to take a nap whenever I want. The first trimester was exhausting because I was tired and sleepy all the time . In my second trimester that tired feeling went away and I gained a lot of energy. Now being in the third trimester I feel that fatigue all over again! My eyes are constantly closing, so it is really nice to be able to come home from work and take a nap and no one can judge me for it! 

The bond between my husband and I 

I've heard people say before that the connection with their spouse has gotten a lot stronger during pregancy. I definitely noticed it from day one when we found out we are having a baby. I don't think I have ever felt more in love with my husband than the day we hugged and cried tears of joy finding out we are going to be parents. Ever since that day our relationship has been so much stronger and it gets even better with each day closer to meeting our baby. I have the best life partner and our baby is about to have an amazing father. 

Eating however much I want 

Although I always have ate a lot, I feel like people don't look at me as weird now because they expect me to eat a lot. I still eat similarly to how I ate before pregnancy. I have always been one to eat lots of smaller meals throughout the day rather than a couple large ones. Cody and I pretty much eat together at the same times all the time. Both of us have fast metabolisms and we have to refuel about every 2 hours! At least now during pregnancy people don't really say anything about it to me because "the baby is hungry" is the excuse lol. 

Hair and nail growth 

My hair and nails have been extremely strong lately. My hair has grown much longer and I am so excited about it! Normally I always took my hair supplements for hair growth but since getting pregnant I had to put those to the side. I was worried my hair wouldn't grow without my supplements but thankfully it did! Hopefully now I don't lose hair postpartum like I've heard some moms say they have. 

{ 5 things I don't enjoy about being pregnant }

Lack of energy

Tired, sleepy, fatigued all the time. Coffee is literally my life support every morning. Sometimes I laugh at myself because I realize I do insane things before I have my cup of coffee. For example, I put a cereal box in the fridge before, or I made my coffee without putting any coffee into the coffee maker, so I basically made hot water... Yeah, it's bad. 

Limiting caffeine 

I hate having to be conscious of my caffeine intake. I'm a huge coffee/tea drinker so it really is hard to limit myself to just 1 or 2 small cups a day! This is the one thing I miss the most pre-pregnancy. #coffeeaddict 

Not being able to tie my own shoes without making lots of noise 

Okay, so I can tie my own shoes but I make a ton of noise attempting to do so. Cody makes fun of me all the time because I'm constantly moaning and groaning trying to bend over. It is kind of funny I have to admit, but man I miss just being able to bend without a basketball getting in the way of everything! 

None of my real clothes fit me anymore

Yup, it's devastating having to say goodbye for so long to all your favorite jeans, dresses, and bodysuits. This has been one of my biggest struggles accepting the fact that my basketball sized belly turns everything into a crop top these days. Luckily, I have been able to find really cute maternity clothing brands that fit me perfectly and make my bump look cute! I've mentioned them before but PinkBlush maternity has some really awesome options if you're expecting. I look through their website all the time and absolutely love the fit of everything I've tried from them. In the photos I am wearing a dress I was sent from PinkBlush that I absolutely love. The prints and colors are so fun and I know this dress will be something I will be wearing even after the baby is born! To shop the dress I am wearing, just click here

Peeing nonstop 

Seriously it's out of hand. Sometimes I'll make a trip to the bathroom and on my way back I already feel like I might have to turn around and go back again. It doesn't help that I drink a lot of water throughout the day and that itself makes me have to go! Baby is definitely bouncing around on my bladder a lot more these last few weeks and the bathroom breaks are a little out of control. 

Even with any of the downfalls of pregnancy I would do this all over again in a heartbeat. I love carrying this baby in my belly so close to my heart. Feeling his moves and hiccups. This is such an amazing experience and I am so extremely blessed to be able to go through it especially with such a supportive husband and family by my side. I realize every pregnancy is completely different and I wouldn't change a thing about mine. 

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