{ Roman's sleep regression & how to look awake with minimal sleep }

6 month sleep regression

Alright guys, so why did nobody tell me that babies have like a million sleep regressions before I decided to go and get preggers? But for real, seems like just about every 2 months there is a new sleep regression that starts up again and I started to feel like a walking zombie.

I guess you can say we have been pretty spoiled since day 1 of bringing the little guy home because he’s been an excellent sleeper. We had no idea what people complained about when they said they never slept. Cody and I were getting plenty of sleep. We would wake up once in the night for a feeding usually around 3-4:30am, and then he would knock back out until 8-8:30am when he was 1-3 months.

Then came the 4 month regression and he was waking up at weird times of the night sometimes 2-3 times. We were so caught off guard and had no idea what was going on. We assumed he was teething, started to give him frozen teething toys and even ordered everything on Amazon that was meant for teething babies but his teeth just didn’t seem like they were an issue. I researched online and soon found out about a horrible thing called a 4 month sleep regression….

sleep regression

We are now getting close to the 6 month mark and guess what?! Yup, another sleep regression is in the air. I complain because like I said we’ve been spoiled from the start and this is so out of the blue for us, like what the heck is going on here, why aren’t you sleeping?? Anyways, still lucky for us every sleep regression he’s had only lasts a couple days. I’ve heard people say it lasted their babies weeks or even a month until they got back into a normal sleep routine again. Yikes!!

Anyways, as you can guess I wake up feeling quite exhausted in the morning and some mornings I have to actually go to work! Obviously I can’t look like a zombie in front of people so I have found a perfect solution to looking more awake and alive! Are you ready for it?

VIIcode O2M Oxygen Eye Pads for Dark Circles

VIIcode eye pads for dark circles

I have been using this product for a little over a month now and I have to say it is SO GOOD. The main goals of these eye pads are that they reduce puffiness, crow's feet, fine lines and bags (and not the designer kind haha). They are so easy to apply and remove and I love how they aren’t sticky nor do they have a funky scent to them. They are alcohol free and non-comedogenic which just means that it will not clog your pores! Nothing to worry about here. I love to do these 1-2 times a week, especially on the nights that I know I have work in the morning. They are meant to be used overnight so that’s when I apply them and it’s great because they don’t slide around or annoy you while you sleep. Removing them in the morning is so satisfying because you can just feel how firm and hydrated your under eye area suddenly has become.

I’ve mentioned before in a previous post, I’m not someone who struggles with dark circles, but I do get puffy when my diet and sleep are suffering. With these specific eye pads you can just feel the oxygen flooding your muscle cells. It’s such a relaxing and refreshing feeling! I recently became very obsessed with masking and under eye treatments like these eye pads and I gotta tell ya, they make such a huge difference. Skin care has always been my obsession, that’s why I went into esthetics, duh! As with anything you have to use it consistently to get the results you are looking for. Theses VIICode O2M oxygen eye pads do give you an instant fresh and awake look, but in order to get rid of something like dark circles and fine lines I definitely recommend using these consistently and if you don’t have a baby at home, or at least not one that’s going through a sleep regression, make sure to use these overnight for a full 8 hours, and you will be looking amazing in the A.M.

dark circles

I wanted to thank VIICode Skin Care for sponsoring this post and letting me try out their product in exchange for my honest opinion. As always, every product I share with you guys has been tried out by me and loved otherwise I wouldn’t tell you about it!

Also, pray for me that Roman will skip the next sleep regression at 8 months and I will go back to my luxurious life of uninterrupted 7-8 hours of sleep. He’s lucky he’s cute at least.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post and let me know if you try out these eye pads and how you liked them! I’d love to know your thoughts!