{ 7 ways to beat the winter blues }


First of all I wanted to say Happy 2019 guys! So crazy how quickly another year flew by. We are now in January and for some reason the winter blues always tend to kick in around this month! I don’t know about you, but I am aways looking for motivation to stay on track with my New Years resolutions as well as to not let the cold and dreary winter bring me down! I put together some little tips that I’m applying to my life currently and things I’ll be implementing to help me with some of my resolutions as well as to mentally  help me get through my least favorite season of all, winter... 

Get out of the house

I am such a victim of never wanting to leave my house when it gets a bit cold outside. I really am such a baby when it comes to cold temperatures and anything under 60 degrees outside. Here’s what I realized though by trying to coop myself inside every winter, I start to feel really down and my energy just plummets to the ground. I end up feeling trapped inside the house and almost grasping for some fresh air. This year I am not letting the winter blues get to me. I am really enjoying being outside even for a few minutes and I have many activities planned to do with my little family.

Bubble baths


Who doesn’t love to soak in a nice hot bath when its like negative 30 outside? Bubble baths are my faveeee. I remember how often I loved to take them while I was pregnant with Roman. Just about every single night after work or on the weekends I would draw a bath and just relax. Bubble baths are the perfect time to just let yourself breath. Use that time for yourself, to self reflect, to gather ideas for your business/blog, or to just simply enjoy the nice warmth of the water and the yummy smelling bubbles. Oh and if you’re like me, I love to bring my glass of wine with me and light a candle to make my experience even better! There literally is no better time than the winter to indulge in bubble baths.

Hot chocolate/coffee & Holiday movies


It doesn’t even matter if it’s after Christmas, you can always enjoy holiday movies. Grab some cozy blankets make a cup of hot cocoa and cuddle up on the couch! Christmas movies always seems to put me in a better mood full of joy and positivity so this is a great way to spend my winter nights! I want to know what your favorite holiday movies are!?  

Fake a tan


What better feeling is there than having a tan in the middle of winter? I told you guys I would share a little review on this amazing self tanner I recently tried out from Golden Star Beauty so here it is. This self tanner is so natural looking and smells like cherries going on. What’s amazing about this stuff is that it is natural, free of harsh chemicals, cosmetic colors, gluten, and parabens.  It is also vegan and cruelty free which is soo important!!  I apply it with the mitt also from Golden Star Beauty and the lotion goes on so smooth, not a single streak!! I have to admit I’ve played around with self tanners in the past and I really have to give this one a holy grail award! Trust me, this self-tanner is something you need in your life. I love how you can build the color as well. When it comes to my face I’m always so cautious as to what I put on it. The face tanning serum has organic rosehip oil, hyaluronic acid and Vitamin B5 in it! You gotta admit that’s pretty amazing to see in a self tanner right? Here’s a little secret for ya, a tan makes you look thinner and I’m all about that after being lazy during the winter time. Plus a nice tan on your face can even allow you to go makeup free for the day! Yay to #nomakeup!

Go check out Golden Star Beauty you guys, it’s amazing and so reasonably priced, I was shocked! I definitely recommend picking up the tanning mitt too, it helps a ton in my opinion. Lucky for you guys I have a 10% off discount for you when you use GOLDENSTAR35 at checkout.


Find a good book or podcast

I’ve done a post on this previously and talked about how I’m really into listening to podcasts lately. If you want to know some of my favorites you can read that post here. If you are someone who has time and is able to sit still and read a book, props to you. Few years ago I used to read all the time, some of my favorite books were pretty much all Nicholas Sparks and of course you can’t forget the Fifty Shades of Grey series. These days I find it hard to sit still with a book as I’m always trying to get 1000 things done, which is why turning on my podcast is super efficient and helps with my time batching! 


Get Exercise

I suck at exercising during the winer, I’m not going to lie. Not even going to sugar coat that haha. I just suck at it. However, I’m really trying to get myself to do at least a few light work outs a few times a week because it not only helps me toning up my body a bit, but also with my energy and mood. There’s just something about working out that gives you this energy and feeling of being able to do anything.  If your not into working out either, I suggest try something like yoga or even just basic stretches. Turn on some Youtube and get some ideas on what you can do at home!

Embrace the beautiful season

Winter is a much slower time of the year. I feel like that’s when everyone kind of slows down and you don’t feel as guilty about not being productive 24/7. I know that for me when the weather is nice come spring/summer time, I am running around getting all my errands done and whatever else I can before allowing myself to even sit down for a minute and relax. I feel like winter is kind of necessary for our mental health. It is also such a wonderful time with families gathering and lights and decorations everywhere. Cody and I always loved driving around the really nice neighborhoods and checking out their decorations. I can’t wait to do that this year with Roman. Although, winter is cold at least here in the midwest, there is so much joy that comes from it. I think everyone has to admit that seeing those beautiful snowflakes falling from the sky never really gets old. Enjoy the cold, stay warm, and cuddle up with somebody you love.



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