{ Winter Must-Haves // Beauty Edition }

winter beauty must haves

Alright, so maybe it's not winter just yet but it sure does look & feel like it here in Chicago. Do we even get a fall here anyways?

I am definitely one of those people who likes to switch up their beauty products from summer to winter. My skin has its needs too, okay?

So today I did a little round up for you all of some of my absolute must haves that I think every girl and guy (yes hubby uses some of these products too) should incorporate into their winter beauty regimen!

My skin type: Combination

Hubby's skin type: V Dry (kinda like a desert)


glow recipe avocado mask

Omgsh I have been so obsessed with masking lately. If you follow me on Instagram, which you should, you know that I pre-ordered the Glow Recipe Avocado sleeping mask. Oh yeah, you heard that right, an AVOCADO face mask! I mean if this isn't a mask of my dreams then I don't know what it.

Summer Friday's Jet Lag is another great one. I slather this on my face and hubby's super dry skin and let me tell ya we look so much better in the morning. I've been joking with Cody how he is starting to look old lately but like for real, the reason for that is because his skin is just so dehydrated! This mask really helps make your skin come back to life and literally glow.

Oxygen eye mask -That under eye area needs some help too you guys so don't forget about it. Luckily for me I never have had dark under eye circles before but I think it might be based on your genetics too. My mom never had under eye circle or bags and neither has my grandma. With that being said I haven't really ever felt the need for taking care of that area until now! As a mom I am more tired than usual because let's face it babies are a lot of work. Plus I'm not getting any younger here, so I decided it's time to show the under eyes some love with this awesome oxygen eye mask from VII code!

Hair Care

So I found this really awesome hair care line called Function of Beauty, that lets you basically customize your shampoo and conditioner based on 5 things you want to focus on most. You also get to select the color you want it in as well as the scent and how strong you want the scent to be. Amazing right? It's like you're some lab genius creating your own product made specifically for your needs. This is a subscription and you can choose how often you want them resent to you! I ordered the 32oz bottle of shampoo and 16 oz bottle of conditioner so I chose to have it re-delivered every 6 months.

My main hair goals are:

+ oil control
+ lengthen
+ reduce brassiness
+ strengthen
+ replenish hair

If you want to try it out yourself click here and that’ll get us both $5 off! 

Silk pillowcase - If you don't already use one then you better be placing that order right now. I even convinced my husband to change his pillow case to a silk one as well. Here's why I love it. It helps keep your skin clear. It doesn't absorb your skins moisture or any of your face serums/overnight masks like a typical cotton pillowcase would. It keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. It prevents your hair from thinning out. Cotton pillowcases tend to pull and tug at your hair but with a silk pillowcase you will prevent any knots and breakage from happening. This is soooo important for me because I'm going through postpartum hair shedding which is so real. Fun fact: Cody calls me Baldi-locks nowadays because I'm losing so much hair. It's all fun and games until someone loses their hair. Am I right?


Dry Brushing - K so I've shared this with you guys before but dry brushing is so good especially in the winter. Your skin gets really dry and ashy in the winter and it's super important to keep it exfoliated and moisturized all the time. I especially rely on dry brushing to help me tighten my skin on my stomach after being pregnant. I may have gotten back to my pre pregnancy weight fairly quick however my skin looks nothing like it used to before. Not sure if it's genetic or what but clearly my skin lacks collagen and elasticity. Dry brushing helps my skin regenerate and tighten and it's been making a huge difference.

kopari coconut melt

Kopari coconut melt -This stuff is basically your all in one beauty products. The thing about the coconut melt is that your possibilities are endless. Slather this on your hair, face, legs, stomach, butt, eyebrows, husband, baby, and even dog. You can do no wrong with some coconut oil.

The Billie razor - Alright so I know us girls get lazy shaving our legs in the winter but trust me, a good razor will help make that a little more enjoyable. I love this Billie razor because it just glides on your skin, comes in the cutest colors, it's made specifically for women, and it's a subscription so they send you a fresh blade however often you need! I picked every 3 months to start ( it's comes with 2 cartridges). Something random that I also really love about this razor is that it comes with a magnet that you stick on the wall and your razor just attaches to it! It’s kind of like magic you guys.

Kopari coconut scrub - I have literally never used a body scrub like this one before. I love love love it. So I've only had this in samples before and used up every grain in the packets but this is a product that everyone including myself needs to pick up immediately. Def on my Christmas wish list, hint hint. So here's what's so great about it: it scrubs your skin real good, it's not too rough but has just the right amount of scrub. You get me? You use this on dry skin, as in before you get your skin wet. I like to stand in the shower before I turn on the water and rub this on all over my body especially on my stomach. It gets really messy so I def recommenced standing in a tub or shower while doing this. Once you wash it off, it leaves your skin feeling so silky because of the coconut oil that starts to come out. I'm telling ya coconut oil is magic and this scrub is a must have year round, but again winter=dry skin so exfoliate people!!

dry brushing raw sugar

Raw sugar lip scrub - So you're prob like what else can this girl possibly exfoliate and truth is there's still many things on the list but you cannot forget about your lips! Winter means holidays and holidays mean mistletoe and we all know what that means. Smooches are in action and no one wants to kiss those chapped, cracked lips. This stuff is awesome but you can honestly make your own lip scrub at home with stuff you probably already have in your kitchen. The way I make mine is I take a little olive oil, sugar, and vanilla extract and mix it all up. That’s it. I’m sure theres like 10,000 other ways you can make it if you search Pinterest but that's just my quick and simple way to DIY it.

So if you learned one thing today, exfoliating is important and coconut oil is your bff this winter season.


Kopari Beauty Hydration From Head to Toe With Coconut Melt