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Valentine's Day doesn't have to be all lovey dovey. Sometimes a night out with the girls can be just as fun! Pop some bubbly with your girls, eat all the chocolate you desire and have one hell of a Valentine's Day with the besties.  I picked this little pink dress with some cute heels for a night out with the girls. I think this is fun, flirty and perfect to feel confident while sipping drinks. 





What man doesn't love seeing a beautiful woman in a red dress? I mean I think a little red dress is possibly even sexier than a LBD to be honest. Red seems to be a color you only wear around Valentine's Day and Christmas but I think this is such a sexy, confidence boosting color to wear throughout the year, especially for a date with your someone special. I paired this one with a classy pair of black pumps to keep this look sexy and classy at the same time. 

Wow I can’t believe Valentine’s Day is literally a week away. I know this holiday is kind of a hit or miss for some people. I know people who either  love celebrating Valentine’s Day more than any other holiday, or people who dread it all year. I’m lucky to have been able to spend the past 8 years with a valentine but that’s not all that important. Although it’s a really “romantic”  holiday and I enjoy spending it with my hubby, I know that we show each other the same amount of love and affection on a daily basis. We personally don’t go all out with gifts and expensive dinners these days. Below are some ideas of gifts we’ve done for each other in the past for whatever occasion and maybe they will help give you an idea for this V-day! 

Gift ideas: 

  1. A calendar filled with photos of us. I love to do personalized gifts with meaning. Snapfish or Shutterfly usually have great deals so you can customize a photo book or calendar to gift to your best friend / significant other. 
  2. Perfume and cologne. Of course these are on the list. Every girl loves to receive a pretty fragrance picked out by the person she’s crushing on and same goes for the guy. Although it may be hard to find a fragrance someone else might like, a perfume or cologne always make a nice, enjoyable gift. Cody’s favorites right now are the Mr. Burberry as well as the Dior, Sauvage. My favorite perfume is the Dior, J’adore as well as a Tory Burch fragrance I did A post on in the past. I dont know the exact name, sorry! 
  3. Coupon book! I know this may sound cheesy but a coupon book is a really great gift in a relationship. It can help spice things up or just give you that free pass for a foot massage you’re desperately needing. I believe I got one of these as part of my wedding gift from Cody and I’m pretty sure I need to check if there’s anything left to redeem, I could possibly use a massage, hint, hint. 
  4. Personalized jewelry. I got Cody a engraved promise ring before as well as for an anniversary I got him and engraved dog tag with our favorite song lyric engraved and the date we started to date.  This dog tag has become such a special piece in our life. Cody never takes it off, and I have ordered him an updated one to include our wedding date. I gifted it to him on our wedding night and we also danced to the engraved song lyric as our first dance. Who knew a little piece of jewelry could hold so much meaning in our life. 
  5. Boudoir photo shoot. This is something for the more confident ones. A boudoir definitely sounds intimidating and scary but I promise it doesn’t have to be. I actually had a chance to have one done before our wedding and I ordered an album as a gift for Cody along with the dog tag on our wedding night. He absolutely loved it and never imagined a gift like that. I think a boudoir is amazing for the single gals who just want to feel beautiful and sexy for themselves or for the ones who want to get their s/o something really unique and special. Do your research first about boudoir studios. I went to an all female staff one and I was even allowed to bring my bestie Yari to be there with me and help me look my best during the shoot! The environment was extremely comfortable and safe and I was so impressed with my photos from the shoot.  

I hope some of those little ideas help out maybe a little bit. I don’t know what exactly we are doing this year. Possibly a small dinner out somewhere or maybe we’ll dress up and do a nice candlelight dinner at home- those happen to be some of my favorite times. 







Hope you all have a lovely Valentine's Day! 



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