{ My winter/pregnancy skin care routine }


Wow I feel like I haven’t done a post about beauty in awhile!! I recently did a poll on my Facebook page to see what you guys want to see more of on my blog and although majority of the votes were for life updates & marriage there were a few of you who wanted to see more in beauty & fashion. I want to make sure I still have a variety of posts for you guys and especially those who really don’t care to read about my life or my pregnancy updates lol. I really want my blog to be something relatable for everyone! Anyways enough with my blabbing and let me share my current skin care routine with you guys. 

My routine is actually very simple. My skin doesn’t require a lot of maintenance fortunately and so I keep the products at a minimum. My morning and night routine are fairly similar aside from a couple steps/products.  


When I wake up in the morning, if I shower ( I usually like to shower at night to save time for extra sleep in the morning) I will use my St. Ives coconut & coffee face scrub in the shower. This stuff smells amazing and really helps get rid of all the rough, patchy skin from the cold weather. 


After I dry myself and my face off from the shower I like to use my Garnier micellar water for toning and removing any leftover makeup and oils. I use the green bottle which is for mattifying and it works great for my oily skin! 

Once I tone my skin with the micellar water I apply my moisturizer that I have really been loving lately. I found this moisturizer at a Polish herbal store by my house, it is a European company called Ziaja. The moisturizer I use in the daytime is the Ziaja cucumber face cream and it is good for oily & combination skin. I love how it leaves my skin moisturized but also matte and the oil under control all day! The crazy thing is, this skin care line is actually super affordable!! 

After all that is done I usually apply a primer to my entire face. The one I use is the Benefit Porefessional. I’ve been using this one for years and absolutely love it. I let this soak into my skin for a few minutes before getting started on my makeup and that completes my daytime routine!!  



My night time routine is very similar if I dont use the St. Ives face scrub in the morning I will use it at night when I shower. I use this scrub 2-3 times a week so I do alternate the days I use the scrub.  

I take my makeup wipes and remove all my facial makeup. I just like using face wipes for removal of my makeup because it makes it much quicker and easier for me than a cleanser or oil. The wipes I’ve been using for years are actually from Costco by their Kirkland brand. My mom and I usually buy the package and split them up between us since you get quite a bit in the package. These have been both of our favorites because they really take off all your makeup including waterproof without any excessive tugging on your eyes. I used to use the Neutrogena ones but I really like the Costco brand a whole lot more! 

I continue with my Garnier micellar water again applying it to a cotton pad and cleaning off my face from any leftover or missed makeup. 

Once the skin is toned and dry I apply my Ziaja face cream again however for night time I use their natural olive, anti-wrinkle cream. This cream is heavier than the cucumber one I use in the morning but what is so awesome about it is that it never feels greasy, even after waking up in the morning! 

Last step I do is apply my undereye cream. I never really felt the need to use one before but once I realized I’ve probablly been slacking on that for too long I picked up the goat’s milk eye cream also from Ziaja. I dont know if I am actually noticing any difference in my eye area but I do feel good about using an eye cream so I continue to include this step in my night time routine. Just seems like the adult thing to do haha. 


I recently did a poll on my Instagram story before asking you guys out of curiously if anyone has ever tried this company Ziaja out. I had a few people DM me and say they have and they love it, while majority of you guys have never used it before. I really think this is a great skin care line and for the affordability of it, it’s definitely worth a try! They really do have a great range of products, but these few have been working really great with my skin lately especially during my pregnancy! 

Hope you guys enjoyed this post! I will try to switch it up a little between lifestyle and beauty/fashion to give you guys some variety in my posts! Let me know if you have any specific requests of what you want to see!  

Xoxo 💋  

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