{ My two current makeup go-tos | Favorite perfume of the moment }


Today I wanted to share a super quick post with you guys about two of my go-to makeup products I use on a daily basis as well as my current perfume obsessions. 

To be honest, I never really was that into MAC makeup and I still am not a loyal MAC girl, but...I recently started using two products which I have been really loving. One of them is the "studio finish concealer duo". I am shade w10/nc20. I really like the coverage of this and that it stays on all day over my oily skin. 

I do love MAC lipsticks, the one I've been using is part of the Ellie Goulding collection they had, it is called "Without Your Love". It is the perfect shade of pinky/nude for me. I love it for everyday wear, it goes with everything. 

I am really excited about my last two perfume purchases. I don't know why it took me this long to realize how amazing these fragrances both are.  I was very behind in the perfume world, why did no one seriously tell me about them sooner?? The first time I actually picked up a bottle of  J'adore, was at a Sephora at The Grove in California. I left the store not purchasing it then. While my hubby and I were out and about exploring beautiful Cali, I couldn't stop smelling the fragrance on myself. It lingered on my skin throughout the whole day!! Once I got back home to Chicago every time I smelled this perfume it reminded me of this trip. I knew I needed to finally get this! 

The other perfume I really love is the Tory Burch fragrance. I'm not sure if it has a special name? There is no fun story behind the reason of buying this one, it just seriously smells so good, so I knew I needed it! 

Both fragrances I purchased during the summer, but I really think they will still compliment perfectly in the fall as well. Seriously guys, I can't stop sniffing! Sooo good! 

Let me know if you guys have any perfume favorites I should try! 



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